New To Yoga

If you feel a little overwhelmed in your first class, it’s OK. This is quite normal.

Our experienced teachers will allow you to feel comfortable with the stage you are at. Through regular attendance of yoga classes you will soon notice a difference in your strength, flexibility and fitness. You will re-discover your breath and even be able to quieten or direct your mind easily. It is our aim to direct you to find an inner awareness that doesn’t focus on the desire to achieve but rather allow you to develop your own pace in the discovery of your Self.

If you feel a little overwhelmed in your first class, it’s OK. This is quite normal. When you first start, it may feel as though you are uncoordinated or unable to focus your racing mind. Again, it’s OK. Be kind to yourSelf and try not to compare yourSelf to others.

It’s not what you can do in life, it’s the courage you bring to it‘.  Smile in on yourself and do your best.

Please bring along your yoga mat, though don’t worry if you don’t have one as you can hire one at the studio for $1. We supply all the other equipment you will need to practice yoga. This includes blankets, bolsters, eye pillows & straps. To ensure you are comfortable in class, please wear loose or stretchy clothing and bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.
We always advise that you check with your doctor or practitioner before practicing yoga. Please ensure you speak to your teacher before class about your presenting symptoms & history. All our yoga teachers are well trained and will be able to guide you through the best way to practice and may offer you stepping stones to certain postures. It is your own responsibility to not push yourself beyond your physical capacity. We welcome you to join our classes and approach your practice with awareness and listen in, to the best of your ability, to what your body needs.

Attending LiveStream classes (online) at home, on your holiday or in the park has become a popular choice for many people.  It offers convenience, makes it very affordable and you can still feel connected to others whilst being guided by our experienced teachers.

We suggest you create a space where you won’t be interrupted too much* and have on hand your mat plus cushions, bolsters, blocks (or books) and straps (or scarves) so that you can enjoy the use of props needed when practising.

This is a review we received from a newcomer:

‘Easy instructions for using the right technology to access the class. It was my first time doing an online class. Instructor acknowledged and welcomed each person to the class which helped me feel more connected in the online context. Class was enjoyable and very calming. It was a good experience for my first online class because I was a bit nervous about it. Thank you’

*We don’t mind at all if your kids or pets join in!  We have even had a goat join a class!

In a class, you may be asked to sit cross-legged to practise breathwork or meditation or in a Kundalini Yoga class to practise exercises as well. There are many alternatives and ways to assist you to sit cross-legged. What we want to aim towards is sitting so that our hips are higher than our knees, but we are all aware that this can be impossible or challenging for those with hip or knee issues. So firstly, what we would recommend is that you sit on something. You could place a folded blanket or bolster under your bum to lift your hips and it will also allow you to straighten your spine. You could also place props under your thighs for support. If this is still not an option, you can instead sit on your knees (vajrasana) or use a chair (it’s not uncommon). The most important thing is that you are comfortable and your spine is straight.
There is often a belief that meditation is sitting quietly and becoming thoughtless and silent in the mind. Yes, this is something to strive towards but it is more a goal than an expectation of what will happen when we ‘meditate’. For most people who practice meditation stilling their mind for a few seconds is great. When we meditate the reality is that we will notice many thoughts going through our minds, and perhaps more than normal. This is OK.

Meditating is about developing a neutrality towards the thoughts which enter the mind, allowing them to pass just as they came and instead of entertaining the thoughts, refocusing on the meditation focus.

There are many techniques in yoga to help us develop our ability to focus, go within and connect to your spirit. Techniques such as breathwork & awareness, sound and mantra, drishtis or eye focus points, and mudras & movements can help your mind focus and encourage a stillness within the mind. Everyone can meditate!!