What is Reiki?

Rei: Universal Life Energy, Spiritual Consciousness, All Knowing

Ki: Breath, Life Force, Vital Radiant Energy

Kundalini House in North Fitzroy offers Reiki, an holistic form of energetic bodywork which enables physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances to align for a higher state of wellbeing.  It is a hands-on modality that allows your already existing energy to move more freely within your body, encouraging any areas of obstruction or stagnation to flow, thus creating a cleansing process.  Reiki is wonderful as a stand-alone treatment or it can be the perfect complement to other health therapies.  It is a completely safe system of working with energy at a deep level, where many illnesses and imbalances can originate. Your body is designed to maintain a status of health and is constantly, automatically always striving towards this.  Reiki can be a great support in this regard.  

When undergoing a Reiki treatment you will remain fully clothed and placed comfortably on a treatment table, or seated if preferred.  Reiki is not a physically manipulative modality and it can bring a great sense of relaxation, so it is perfect for stress.

How can Reiki help?

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Reiki is a relaxing therapy, that can be used with the following problems:

  • Calming the nervous system in times of stress
  • Insomnia and sleep issues
  • Headaches and other body pain
  • Deep rest and relaxation
  • Reconnecting with self
  • Support you during stressful situations or life events
  • A quarterly Reiki session can help you to keep balanced during seasonal transitions
  • Reiki can be the catalyst in activating our bodies natural healing abilities and may help you gain clarity

Our Reiki Therapists

Melissa Weaver

Melissa Weaver
Reiki Master Teacher

Investment & Bookings

60 minutes Reiki: $115
90 minutes Reiki: $145
Concessions available

Either book online or call us on 9482 4325 to make an appointment.

Gift Vouchers available.
Eftpos/CC facilities available.
Health fund rebates may apply- please ask when booking.

Please view our cancellation & refund policies.

Please be aware that if you need to reschedule or cancel, Kundalini House requires 24 hours notice, otherwise a $50 cancellation fee will incur.  Thank you for your understanding.

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