Pre & Post Natal Massage

Prenatal Massage

prenatal massage fitzroy northPregnancy Massage is a specialised Massage tailored to meet the expectant mother’s needs. Massage can play a meaningful role in maintaining health and comfort during this important time of your life. In Pregnancy you can experience pain through your hips, shoulders, lower back, arms and feet due to the changes taking place in your physical body and hormones.

Massage can help to relax and reduce muscle and joint pain, increase circulation and alleviate oedema. It improves oxygenation to soft tissue and muscles. The relaxing effect of receiving a massage prepares you for birth and increases oxytocin, the feel good hormone which supports labour and bonds you with your new child.

The massage takes place on a specially designed cushion that allows you to lie safely on your stomach. Our qualified massage therapists use specialised techniques to help you relax and feel renewed.

Massage is usually avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy so please talk with our receptionist or practitioners if this applies to you.

The benefits of prenatal massage include:

  • Increased circulation and flexibility
  • Deep relaxation to allow our mind to slow
  • Less stress
  • Tones and eases muscles
  • Increase in health of cells & immune function
  • Decreased back pain
  • Decreased pain from pelvic instability
  • Reduction of swelling


45 minute appointment: $105
1 hour appointment: $120
1½ hour appointment: $150
Concession Available

Simply book a pregnancy massage.

Postnatal Massage

postnatal massage fitzroy northTaking care of yourself after the birth of your baby is very important and Massage can be highly beneficial to help recovery and support during a physically and emotionally challenging time. The mother must be cared for and supported so that she and her baby can bond and recover after the birth.

This is also a time when your neck and shoulders can become sore and tight during breast feeding or simply holding and rocking your child. Massage provides a nurturing and supportive space to help you feel cared for.


45 mins appointment: $105
1 hour appointment: $120
1½ hour appointment: $150
Concession Available

Simply book a massage and state in booking notes how long it has been since you gave birth.