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Our Health & Wellbeing Shop

We strive to stock our shop with environmentally sustainable and natural products that make you feel like you’re not only looking after yourself but our earth. Where possible we like to support local small businesses and our community. We have a large range of yoga accessories and everything you need for your practice both at Kundalini House and at home.

If you have questions regarding supplements and healthcare, we have a qualified Naturopath on the floor four days a week. Naturopathic consultations are also available for more comprehensive advice. See our Naturopathy page for more information.

Come in and visit our shop to browse our products.

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Our Products include

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Yoga leggings & tops
Kundalini Yoga white clothing
Cotton & woollen shawls
Boody Bamboo Eco Wear
Toe Toe yoga & pilates socks
Head wraps & Turbans
Organic printed cotton bolsters
Eco friendly yoga mats

Mukti & Luvearth natural rubber Yoga mats
Sheepskins & woollen yoga mats
Bamboo yoga mat towels
Cork yoga blocks
Cotton yoga straps
Meditation cushions
Yoga mat carry bags
Handmade eye pillows & wheatbags
Foam rollers & massage balls
Neti pots

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Gift Vouchers
Yoga books, cd’s and dvd’s
Supplements & Herbs
Yogitea, Chai & Herbal brews
Snacks & drinks
Cards & Gifts
Essential oils & skincare
Room & body sprays
‘The 5 Aquarian Sutras’ magnets
Liniments & creams
Childcare range
Amber beads for kids

Enviro friendly drink bottles & flasks

Devotional & altar pieces
Himalayan Salt & Silicea lamps

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