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Clinical Nutrition & Acupuncture North Fitzroy

Clinical Nutrition and Acupuncture is an holistic, patient centred approach, combining research based Clinical Nutrition and ancient Chinese Medicine. Your therapist will look at the underlying disease and the biomechanics in each individual, using ancient techniques such as pulse and also modern diagnostic tools. It aims to determine the root cause of your health concerns, be it hormonal, digestive, or emotional.

In many instances there is often a biological imbalance that can be corrected with targeted interventions, such as dietary alterations, vitamin and nutrient supplementation, Chinese Herbal medicine, Acupuncture and relative lifestyle advice.

During the session the practitioner look at the individuals specific health concerns and any imbalances they may have, including nutrient deficiency, poor diet, sleep disturbances, exposure to environmental pollutants, such as heavy metals and hormone disrupting plastics. Using tailored techniques they will aim to rectify these problems, which can cause illness and disruptions to all the systems including the endocrine system.

Many people suffer from conditions such as fatigue, weight gain, mood imbalances, a suppressed immune system, digestive complaints; to name a few. Stress has also been shown to have significant impacts on these health concerns. Stress may have a negative effect on our adrenal function, influencing our physical, mental, psychological and even spiritual sense of wellbeing.

In combination, Clinical Nutrition and Acupuncture can be effective for relieving stress and working with digestive, hormonal, energy and mood related issues as well as general health concerns.

What’s involved

Clinical Nutrition and Chinese Medicine Melbourne

The combined Clinical Nutrition and Acupuncture consult uses an holistic approach with a personalised treatment plan, to guide the individual to health harmony.  The initial consult involves an extensive discussion regarding your health history. Lab and biomedical pathology tests will be employed to assist in creating a more detailed individual diagnostic report, with specific tests ordered where required. The session will also involve an Acupuncture/bodywork treatment, which will aid in recalibrating the nervous system to promote healing and homeostasis. Through this process we will develop a personalised treatment plan, involving dietary and lifestyle support, complimented by vitamin and food supplementation.

Ongoing sessions will help to reinforce the healing process through continued dietary and lifestyle advice, acupuncture in addition to recommended vitamin and herbal supplementation. Skype or phone consultations can be organised for follow up queries, for a minimum 20-minute check in.

Please read before your Initial appointment

Our Clinical Nutrition & Acupuncturist

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Leoni Zakarias

Investment & Bookings

Initial Clinical Nutrition & Acupuncture: $220/$210
Clinical Nutrition & Acupuncture follow up 90 mins: $160/$150
Clinical Nutrition & Acupuncture follow up 60 mins: $130/$120
Clinical Nutrition/Herbal 30 mins: $80/$70

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