Deep Rest with Jaye Hayes

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DEEP REST: Restorative Yoga & Somatic Bodywork


DEEP REST workshops offer a sanctuary for stillness, nourishment, rejuvenation & the re-awakening of embodied consciousness.

Experience Jaye’s signature combination of Restorative Yoga & Somatic Meditation PLUS the hands on support of Somatic Bodywork.

Jaye’s somatic approach to Restorative Yoga offers a deeply embodied experience that is nurturing, transformative & educational. She will guide you to develop the key somatic skills that enable rest to become restorative!

DEEP REST workshops will support your body to release tension, restore balance & recover its vitality.


Who needs DEEP REST?

  • People needing restorative time out from busy or stressful lives
  • People with ME/CFS, fatigue, burnout (& similar conditions)
  • Anyone recovering from illness or injury
  • Yoga students seeking a deeper engagement with their embodied experience
  • Dancers, athletes & yogis looking for a foundation for a sustainable approach to working with the body


What the students say…

“Jaye is an inspiring teacher who is able to adapt her teaching to each individual’s needs… Her teaching style feels very authentic, from the heart.” – Restorative Yoga student 2016

“like an ‘expanded form’ of Yoga that incorporates Body Science”– Restorative Yoga student 2016

“Jaye’s thorough approach, skill and technique inspired deep muscle, body and mind relaxation which I normally find extremely hard to do. Her corrections to placement in poses are always spot on.” – Restorative Yoga student 2016


DEEP REST: Restorative Yoga & Somatic Bodywork

Sundays 2 – 4:30pm

April 9  |  May 21  |  June 11  |  Aug 9  |  Sept 17  |  Oct 22

Maximum participants per workshop: 10

$50 / $45 KH members / $40 early bird





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