Massoga® is a deeply restful practice built around Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga, combined with massage.

What is Massoga®?

This combination of massage and yoga encourages the body to naturally rest, restore and rejuvenate. Each pose is held for between 4 to 6 minutes, encouraging the fascia to stretch out, this length of time is necessary to release any binds or knots in the fascia (connective tissue). It causes a hydrating effect on the tissues and encourages greater flexibility over time. The massage applied in each pose can be soft and healing, more therapeutic in style, or deeper into the tissues to encourage the release of tension and tightness.

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What can I expect from a treatment?


The 45 minute treatment takes place on a yoga mat, and we will use supportive tools like a yoga bolsters, blanket and blocks.

It is a holistic practice and in your 1:1 session you will have the opportunity to explore what is occurring within your entire body, mind and heart, and what environmental or lifestyle factors may be contributing to your current state.

The yoga sequence will be designed specifically for your needs, addressing concerns in the physical body. The massage will support the release of the tissues with therapeutic touch or deeper massage and acupressure style techniques. If you choose we can layer on elements like essential oils, music and mindfulness to ground you in the present moment.

Who is Massoga® for?


Massoga® is for anyone seeking deeper relaxation and release. It’s for someone who would like one on one attention in their yoga practice, and loves to receive hands on adjustment and massage while in yoga postures. It is helpful for people who experience chronic pain, anxiety and symptoms of stress as it encourages the nervous system into a parasympathetic state. You will comes away from this session feeling deeply rested, more open physically and hopefully lighter in mind and heart.

How can Massoga® help?


As a new and evolving practice, Massoga® is reported to assist with the following;

  • Stress management; by holding each pose the body learns to adapt to the stress placed on the tissues through compression and stretch. It also teaches the mind to manage while the body is comfortably uncomfortable. This encourages mental resilience. Conversely this style of treatment also encourages the body into a parasympathetic state, which enable the nervous system to better cope with stress.
  • Pain management; The practice is deeply restorative, encouraging the body to open up gently over several minutes in poses. The style of the practice, long static stretching, has an affect on the collagenous aspect of the fascia (connective tissue), this is known to loosen areas of tightness that may be causing pain in the body.
  • Improving flexibility; through fascial release in long hold static stretches and with massage techniques.
  • Cultivating mindfulness; You also have the opportunity to explore mindfulness or breathwork practices with your facilitator while in each pose, which can increase awareness, improve concentration, re-oxygenate the body, encourage emotional release, and more.

Massoga® is safe during pregnancy but please discuss with your primary carer if you have any concerns. Please let the reception know how many weeks you are at the time of booking.

Are you pregnant? Please see Pregnancy supportPregnancy Induction and Fertility support for more details.

Our Massoga® Therapist

Wallis Murphy-Munn

Wallis Murphy-Munn

Investment & Bookings

Initial Consultation: $79
45 min appointment: $79

No concessions or private health cover available.

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