Gong Bath with Yoga Nidra – With Cathy Loughrey & Ghinni Foster

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Gong Bath with Yoga Nidra – With Cathy Loughrey & Ghinni Foster

January 11, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


In this session we use Yoga Nidra with the gong to induce a state of deep relaxation before continuing into the gong bath immersing you in the sounds of all the gongs.

If you come to this session please expect the practice of Yoga Nidra to be the first part of your session. Yoga Nidra is not the physical practice of yoga but a process of guiding you into a state of psychic sleep or deep relaxation with inner awareness. Once deeply relaxed the session will continue into a 45 minute gong bath allowing you to continue your deep relaxation and restoration. Immersed in the sound of the gong you may repair, cleanse and release tension and blocks. A deep state of relaxation maybe experienced, inner stillness and deep healing can occur

Please bring mat, cushion, blanket, eye cover, water bottle. Bring everything you need to be comfortable and cosy. Eye covers can help with your relaxation. Cushions under your head and knees may help with you comfort.



Teachers: Cathy Loughrey & Ghinni Foster

Date: Saturday 11th January 2020

Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

Price: Full $35/ $25 Members & Concession

Location: Kundalini House



About Cathy and Ghinni

Cathy has been teaching yoga for over 10 years as a Karuna (Iyengar inspired) Yoga Teacher and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. It is through Kundalini Yoga that Cathy has developed a love of Sound Baths and Gongs for deep relaxation.

Completing training with Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux, Cathy is inspired to work further with Sound and holds regular Gong Sound Baths in addition to using the Gongs in her yoga classes.

Virginia has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2008. She has taught here in Australia and internationally, in the UK, London, India and America.

In 2009, she bought her first gong and played intuitively. At the time there were very few gongs in Australia and she began offering gong baths to help people rid their stress. She was considered a Master of the Gong by many of her students. Later she trained with world-renowned gong master Don Conreaux who was directly appointed the Master of the gong by Yogi Bhajan.


Things to consider, cautions and warnings:

These events are generally not suitable if you are pregnant. We do not generally recommend attendance and would request you to consult your physician prior to attending.

These events are not designed for young children. Children attending under the age of 18 will require a parent or guardian’s authorisation.

You are not to participate in this Gong Bath under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs taken within the previous 12 hours of the event start time. We reserve the right to refuse entry if we detect usage of these substances. This is for your own safety.

During the Gong Bath and Yoga Nidra it is possible to experience different emotions and physical sensations. It is an individual experience, as with any Sound Immersion, the experience of each person in the room can be quite different. We ask that you trust your experience is right for you and that you have chosen to be part of this sound immersion event.





Please be advised that Kundalini House has a cancellation policy which applies to courses held by or at Kundalini House. Please read the following carefully to ensure you understand the policy.
• A cancellation of the full course, at any point, incurs a definite 30% administration fee of the entire course cost that is non-refundable.
• Cancellations that occur more than 48 hours before the beginning of the upcoming session, will only incur the administration fee of 30% per remaining scheduled class(es). Past sessions of the course will not be refunded.
• If you cancel your course with only 24 hours’ notice, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of the course (outstanding classes only), minus past sessions.
• No-shows and same day cancellations of sessions are not refunded.
You will be refunded with credit on your Kundalini House account which you can use on products or services, if you wish to receive a refund to your bank account; a further 5% charge will apply for administration. Kundalini House strictly does not refund in cash.



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