Overcoming The Duality of The Mind : 5 day Kundalini Yoga Intensive with Namo Dev 4th – 8th Jan 2021

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Begin 2021 cultivating a committed daily practice. In this 5-day intensive we will unpack some of the ways in which the mind gets in the way of committing to and maintaining a regular practice, as well as the ingredients needed to keep you steady on the path.

Each class will be a combination of philosophy and practice, drawing on Yogic teachings and kriyās from Kundalini Yoga. All levels of experience are welcome as Namo Dev presents in a way that is accessible and applicable to all.

DAY 1: Body & mind as a whole
DAY 2: Discipline, attitude & mastery
DAY 3: Mental Refinement
DAY 4: The path of wisdom
DAY 5: Fallacies on the path of wisdom

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