Qigong for Anxiety with Rachel Hanrahan

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Qigong for Anxiety Workshop

Sunday 3 March 2023 @ 11:30am -1:00pm

In Studio Only


Anxiety is a natural reaction to the stress of modern life. Our attention and energy can be often scattered and pulled in lots of different directions. Qi Gong is an ancient moving meditation practice that helps you to turn inward, and cultivate peace, equanimity, centeredness and balance.  Qigong practice brings you into the discovery of flow, where the body is relaxed and the mind is at peace. Flow is a term used in Qi Gong when we feel at peace and relaxed within.

The workshop is designed to explore the cultivation of flow finding a pathway to feel more relaxed, more resourceful, less heavy, and able to go with the flow

In qigong the opposite of flow is stress and anxiety. Qigong provides a solution to anxiety that comes from the inside out, the art of effortless power.



  • Simple breathing exercises for clearing anxiety
  • Gentle stretches to clear tightness and stress
  • Flowing movements to balance the nervous system
  • Moving meditation for transforming anxiety into inner peace

This routine will help you find that equanimity, where the body is relaxed and the mind at peace.

Investment: $35 or $30 Members/Concession




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