Spring Intensive: Cleansing, transformation & re-birth with Namo Dev

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Awaken from hibernation

As we awaken from the hibernation of winter and begin to plant seeds of intention, we create a foundation of change. But for this foundation to be strong, we must first to some ‘spring cleaning’. We must pull out the weeds that have kept our body, mind and spirit heavy throughout the winter.

An opportunity to clean out all that isn’t you, to rejuvenate the organs, to crystalize the mind and to drop anything that separates you from your destiny.

The kriyas we will practice will have a heavy influence on pranayama and cleansing the organs of the body as well as purifying the mind.

Come to the full course or casually.
$100 full course & information sheet
$22/$20(concession) casual drop-in class
Free for Kundalini House members (not part of Introductory offer)
Please be advised that Kundalini House has a cancellation policy which applies to courses held by or at Kundalini House. Please read the following carefully to ensure you understand the policy.
• A cancellation of the full course, at any point, incurs a definite 30% administration fee of the entire course cost that is non-refundable.
• Cancellations that occur more than 48 hours before the beginning of the upcoming session, will only incur the administration fee of 30% per remaining scheduled class(es). Past sessions of the course will not be refunded.
• If you cancel your course with only 24 hours’ notice, you will be refunded 50% of the cost of the course (outstanding classes only), minus past sessions.
• No-shows and same day cancellations of sessions are not refunded.
You will be refunded with credit on your Kundalini House account which you can use on products or services, if you wish to receive a refund to your bank account; a further 5% charge will apply for administration. Kundalini House strictly does not refund in cash.
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