Summer Solstice Celebration

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Join Alison Lasek for a special in-studio event to celebrate the Summer Solstice, amplify your inner joy and become magnetic.

At the Summer Solstice, we’re fully alive. Our spirits are awakened, renewed and energised by the sun’s embrace. Humans have celebrated and honoured this powerful moment since the Neolithic era, using it to connect to their highest potential and transcend the ordinary confines of daily life.

The Summer Solstice sits within a wider astrological framework and marks a shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn season. In this transition, our most audacious dreams start to become tangible realities. The Summer Solstice becomes a threshold, where we dare to breathe life into our boldest aspirations.

You will experience:

  • Energising Kundalini Yoga: align with this cosmic moment and connect to your highest self.
  • Gong Relaxation: drop into the vibrations for deep release and rejuvenation.
  • Ceremonial Cacao: delight in a multi-layered sensory journey.
  • Astrological insights to manifest your desires

Embrace this powerful planetary moment, as the tilt of the Earth brings us closest to the sun, to unlock your full potential and usher in success for the new year.

Alison is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Astrologer who loves to hold space for others to tap into their potential and create opportunities for growth.

Friday 22nd December.

Doors open at 5:30pm – please ensure you arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to settle into the space. Doors will be closed at 6pm sharp.

Cost: $30 per person or $25 for KH Members/Concession



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