The Renaissance Woman’s Circle & Shakti Yoga Sadhana Workshop

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The Renaissance Woman’s Circle & Shakti Yoga Sadhana Workshop

with Avril Bastiansz


Avril created the Renaissance Woman’s Circle to help empower women and to regenerate the Divine Feminine Power (Shakti) in the world.

Shakti (Sanskrit) is the Divine Feminine Power. She is the feminine principle energy inherent in all of us; man, woman and child. The other principle form of energy being the masculine. This feminine, Goddess energy, has long been suppressed and seeks to be liberated, regenerated and creatively expressed for us to bring about balance and equity in the world. This is what we, especially us women are being called for in these times in our world to be ‘Agents of Change’.

Who is the Renaissance Woman ?


The Renaissance Woman is an Agent of Change ~

Helping to regenerate The Divine Feminine Power (Shakti) to restore balance & harmony between the masculine & feminine.  She is authentic, empowered & liberated and Compassionate.  She is the Divine Feminine Personified.

“To Honour Her, is to Honour Thyself”

Avril Bastiansz – The Renaissance Woman


“We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be compassionate,  so passionate they can be rational and so disciplined they can be free”


My goal is to support women to discover their authentic Self & life purpose. To help develop their unique gifts to create a healthy, happy life which contributes not only to their own, personal wellbeing but also making a difference to their relationships, families & communities, and serving to make the world a better place for all. I believe that women have a special role in the world today, a calling to be these ’Agents of Change.’


The Shakti Sadhana & Renaissance Woman’s Workshop (3 Hours)

  • Welcome & Introduction – 15 minutes (Cuppa) Meet & Greet
  • Part 1. Initiation – 60 minutes
  • Part 2. Practice – 60 Minutes
  • Part 3. Women’s Circle & Closure – 45 minutes
  • Welcome & Introduction is an opportunity for us to set the scene, say hello and introduce the workshop
  • Part 1. Initiation with Knowledge
    Is where we will learn the sequence and set of specific Shakti yoga practices including movement, pranayama, kundalini kriya and mantra as well as the science and philosophy
  • Part 2. Experiential Practice – this is where we experience the practice. We will do the set of practices together. For maximum benefit it has to flow in the right sequence which helps to create a sense of power and freedom from within – Empowered !
  • Part 3. Women’s Circle – we will sit in mediation to begin this session, followed by journalling, conversation & Q & A. Sharing our experiences, holding safe space for each other, compassion & bonding together as women, a sense of community – circle work!

Learn about Shakti (the divine feminine power) – knowledge & philosophy

Step into your power – this workshop will help you identify with the divine feminine and empower you

Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) – a set of yoga practices specifically for women that you can implement in your life

Become a member of the Renaissance Woman’s Circle – support, connection & community with like-minded women


Know Thyself. Acceptance. Freedom. Worthy. Knowledge. Empowerment. Conscious Action. Support. Connection & Community



Sunday 28th May


12:00pm to 3:00pm
Doors open at 11:45pm – please ensure you arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to settle into the space. Doors will be closed at 12:00pm sharp.


$99 per person




Avril Bastiansz

Holistic Counsellor & Mind. Body. Soul. Therapist
Avril holds a Grad Dip. in Psychotherapy, a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition & Dietetics and is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher.
Avril is the creator of Become YOU & The Renaissance Woman :
Pathways for Healing & Self-discovery for Women
You can learn more about Avril here:




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