Gong Sound Bath With Saskia Cleary

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Gong Sound Bath ~ To Sooth your Soul with Saskia

Saturday 8 June 3:15-4:45pm

Immerse Yourself in Healing Vibrations with Saskia and Guest Player Kim Slaviero

Gong Blessings Await Your Presence…

Indulge in the transcendent experience of a Gong Sound Bath, guided by Saskia and accompanied by guest player Kim Slaviero. This event promises a soothing experience through the transformative power of a gong bath.

Relax and surrender to the stillness as you bathe in the ocean of healing vibrations emanating from the powerful sound currents of the gong. Within this sacred resonance, you’ll encounter the pure, undeniable truth as the voices of the gongs sing to your soul, taking you on a unique and personal journey into the depths of your being.

In the powerful embrace of a gong bath, various sounds may manifest. We will be reluctant to awaken anyone who has fallen asleep, for it is in that state that the gongs work their magic, healing and regulating the nervous system. These sounds are the expressions of energy being released, and healing occurring – the gongs diligently doing their work. It is crucial that these sounds are not suppressed.

“Let any sounds, both outside and inside the room, be a part of your experience. Allow the sounds to blend in, becoming an integral part of the healing journey.”

Elevate your frequency through this transformative experience that will heal and restore you on multiple levels, addressing challenges and vulnerabilities only known to you. The sacred sounds of the gongs possess the extraordinary ability to sweep away all that no longer serves you, unveiling the true power within you.

Every atom of your being will be bathed in pure spirit, initiating a profound transformation that you can feel. I warmly welcome you to join us for this enchanting Gong Sound Bath, an opportunity to soothe your soul.


“Easy booking, clear instructions, lovely facilities, incredible gong bath experience” – Sue W.

“I have very much enjoyed and I am very satisfied with the session with Saskia. It’s my second visit and will book again in October. I have also recommended this [event] to my friends” – Irene T.

All that is asked of you is to relax and surrender in stillness and bathe in the ocean of healing vibration, through the sound current of the gong.

In this sacred vibration, you have the opportunity to experience the pure, undeniable truth, the voices of the gongs sing to you. The gongs take us on a unique personal journey, spiralling into the depths of our being.

I offer you the opportunity to bathe in the world of my sacred gongs, intertwined with inspired sounds of the divine. Lifting your frequency through the experience will heal and restore you on many levels … challenges and vulnerability that only you are aware of. The sacred sounds of the gongs have the power to sweep away all that no longer serves you, and grant you the power you truly are.

Every atom of your being will be bathed in pure spirit, and you will feel the transformation.

I invite you to come along and join me for this magical gong sound bath to soothe your soul.


Saturday 8th June

Doors open at 3:15pm – please ensure you arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to settle into the space.

Doors will be closed at 3:30pm sharp.

Cost: $45 per person or $40 for KH Members/Concession


Disclaimer: Please be advised that Kundalini House has a cancellation policy which applies to events held by or at Kundalini House. Please read the following carefully to ensure you understand the policy. A cancellation of purchased workshops at any point, incurs a 30% administration fee of the workshop cost that is non-refundable. If you cancel your workshop with only 24 hours notice, you will be refunded 50% of the workshop fee you paid. No-shows and same day cancellations of workshops are not refunded. You will be refunded with credit on your Kundalini House account which you can use on products or services, if you wish to receive a refund to your bank account, a further 5% charge will apply for administration. Kundalini House strictly does not refund in cash.

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