A Winter Solstice & International Yoga Day Celebration – with Avril Bastiansz

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A Winter Solstice & International Yoga Day Celebration


Chanting 108 x Rounds of The Maha Gayatri Mantra in Japa Meditation For Renewal & Illumination

Join Avril for this special offering as we celebrate The Winter Solstice and International Yoga Day, 2024 with our yoga community at Kundalini House, inviting Renewal & Illumination for each and everyone of us and our planet.

The Winter Solstice is of cultural and spiritual significance, a ritual celebration of the sun at its pivotal moment when it appears to stand still and when Earth (Southern Hemisphere) tilts away from it. It officially heralds in the Winter, with our shortest day and longest night of the year. We offer this ritual in gratitude to the sun for perpetual Renewal of life on Earth.

The Maha Gayatri Mantra (Sanskrit), translates to the ‘great hymn’ which comes from the Rig Veda (The Sacred texts of Yoga). One of the oldest and most powerful mantras that has been continuously chanted by Yogi’s for over thousands of years and carries the vibrations of all our ancestral voices. Each syllable and sound is arranged in a particular order and is recited in veneration of the radiant glory of the Sun as Mother – Savitri, the giver of life which Illuminates all. This mantra is chanted for enlightenment.

Japa is the meditative repetition of sacred sounds – mantras chanted with mala beads. It is an ancient yogic practice which helps to calm the mind and is considered a form of pranayama as it helps to regulate the breath. When chanted in a group, together the expression of sound becomes exponentially powerful The rhythmic vibrational forces effects not only our own being but also the environment. It is not necessary for us to understand mantras, chanting them with dedication, repeatedly gives insight & illumines us from within,

108 is the sacred, auspicious yogic number for divine energy and cosmic connection which is what Yoga is about. It is said to represent infinity. We use a Japa Mala (a sacred bead necklace) to keep count of this auspicious number as we chant continuously.


What to expect : 

  • Upon booking, you will receive the words to chant on the evening.
  • The event begins at 6PM with a cup of chai and a greeting
  • Chanting will begin at 6:30 PM with 3 x rounds of call & response.
  • Since the studio will be dimly lit it may be a good idea to practice reading the mantra and familiarise yourself with the words ahead of time.
  • We will then chant the mantra 108 x times together, followed by a 10 x minutes of silent meditation or resting in savasana to end.

This is a deeply moving meditative experience. An offering in gratitude and reverence for the benevolent gift of life on Earth, to our Mother, the Sun and in celebration of Yoga.

Please don’t be put off by the Sanskrit & not knowing the words or how to chant if you have a voice you can chant . And even if you don’t know the words at the start you are most likely to do so by the end. This is great for creating new neural pathways in our brain. Chanting is also a healing practice for our  nervous system, it tones the vagus nerve and is balancing for the throat chakra – Visuddha, our centre for personal expression and truth.

If you would prefer not to join in the chant, you can still come bathe in its vibrations. We recommend that you allow a few minutes for grounding and connection at the end before you leave.


Tickets $45/40 Concession/KH Members

This is an in-person only event. Please wear comfortable warm clothing and be prepared to sit on the floor/cushion. Space is limited. Please book your spot early.


Avril is a Yoga & Meditation Teacher of the Vedic tradition and teaches at Kundalini House.

She teaches Shakti Mantra Meditation and has received Initiation of the Maha Gayatri Mantra from a traditional lineage of yoga. She loves to chant and share these ancient Vedic, Sanskrit sounds.

She will often finish her regular teaching classes with a chant after Savasana. Avril enjoys creating community through yogic rituals and ceremonies.

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