Mala Workshop With Alyson Atma Simms

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Join Alyson Atma Simms for a special workshop where you’ll learn not only how to use a mala, but also how to make your very own! This yogini is an expert on malas and has been making, selling, and teaching about malas world-wide.

Everything you need to make your very own 27-bead wrist mala will be provided. While you are crafting your sacred jewelry, you will learn about the history of malas, the various ways to work with your mala, the energetic properties of various woods and gems that can be used, and the planetary properties of each finger used to move your mala. Lastly, you will get to practice using your mala with traditional yoga mantras.


What you will learn and experience is:

  1. How to make a mala
  2. The benefits of mala meditation
  3. Energetic properties of stones used in making malas
  4. Mantras to use with a mala
  5. The three levels of chanting and their benefits
  6. Planetary influences and properties of each finger used to move the malas
  7. How to choose a mala
  8. What do to when the mala breaks



“I had no idea how malas could make meditation easy and fun!” Susan

“This was a sweet experience. It felt like coming home. Alyson delivers complex material in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand way.” -Cyndi

“What I love about Alyson is that she is radiant and beautiful from the inside out and brings a realness or authenticity to her classes. She conveys her knowledge and spirituality in a very graceful way.” -Emily

“Alyson’s teachings are deep yet very accessible. Her style is friendly, open and engaging. She’s light and fun and it rubs off on you.” – Amy



When: 9th February 1-4 pm

Where: Kundalini House

Price: $85 / $75 Members or concessions

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