4 Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive Course – Experience the Universal Sound Current and Merge with the Divine

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4 Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive Course – Experience the Universal Sound Current and Merge with the Divine

When: 15th-18th   April

Time: 6:30 – 7:30am

Teacher: Joanna Nation


NAAD YOGA ~ A 5-part Kundalini Yoga Journey to experience the Universal Sound Current and Merge with the Divine ~


We will begin with the Song of the Soul ~the Jap Ji~ recited at the precise time of the Amrit Velā on Sunday morning. This journey of sound and soul connection will evolve throughout Sunday’s 2.5 hour Sadhana and into the days following. We will bring integration of the ‘Naad’ as we start to express our own song of the soul throughout the week. Naad is the experience of aad ~the Infinite~ via one shared source or sound current.


Continuing from Sunday’s Sadhana, each day of the week will unveil the layers of deep listening ~Sunni-ai~ as we become truly aware of what is going on beneath the surface noise of our inner struggle, aiming for the Neutral Mind and with that intuitive understanding. Deep listening is at the heart of yoga and allows us to find the ‘ears’ to listen to our soul, thus opening to the path of fulfilling our ultimate potential and true identity ~the Sat Nam~


Our final Thursday class culminates with the week-long layered experience of the Sound Current ~the Shabd Guru~ and a specific mantra meditation for the Full moon (which occurs on Friday).


This is set to be a powerful practice in creating an experience of merging with the Divine utilising sound, mantra, meditation and some kriya.

Join us for the full journey starting on Sunday 14th Sadhana at 5am (by donation) in the ambrosial hours continuing through Monday 15th to Thursday 18th at 6:30am. These early times are ideal for this important self-work as there is a higher concentration of pranic energy during the early morning hours, making it a powerful opportunity to strengthen and cleanse.


The science of Naad Yoga is thousands of years old, working with the movement of the tongue, language and chemical changes in the brain. We can alter consciousness by changing the chemical composition of brain fluids through the spoken word and chanting.


In Ayurvedic terms, the Amrit Velā or ambrosial hours are thought to be sattvic, meaning they are balanced and harmonious.


Non members 4 Day Course $80 / $22 Casual class attendance

Kundalini House members attend for FREE!

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