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5 Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive Course – Becoming One with the Cosmic Hum With Onkartej

When: 8th-12th April

Time: 7:45 – 8:45am

Teacher: Onkartej K


“Vibrate the cosmos. The cosmos shall clear the path.” – Yogi Bhajan


In all of life there exists specific sounds that vibrate a frequency unique to each and every particular lifeform/dimension, and these different sounds evoke different states within the mind, body and spirit. The heavy, dense sound of a drum evokes a sense of connection to the earth. It resonates in the lower limbs and stimulates the energy within the hips, legs and feet to move. Which is why we naturally feel an impulse to stomp the feet and shake the hips. Compare that to the lighter, etheric sounds of a harp, and you’ll find the sounds vibrating from a harp will be felt in the heart, throat and crown of the head. Naturally the arms, chest and head will sway and you feel as though being lifted away into the ethers. As all is a vibration of sound, we merge and take on the qualities of the sounds that we attune ourselves to. Specific mantras have been studied by the ancient yogis to be the sounds of the cosmos. Join Onkartej on a 5-day exploration of vibrating the cosmic sounds of mantra, to experience becoming one with the cosmic hum.

Non members 5 Day Course $100 / $22 Casual class attendance

Kundalini House members attend for FREE!

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