Cacao, Connect & Move

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Sunday 18th September from 12-4pm

The power of mindful movement is incredible. It is meditation, we get to observe and be curious about our body, we explore, we release some of our ‘Stuff’, we connect to the heavens, we stir our fire, we feel into gentle flows and we ground down to mother Gaia.

Getting into our bodies in diverse ways is where we can experience true surrender and move from impatience to patience, seriousness to playfulness, confusion to imagination and delight.

True abundance lies in our body not in our mind.

This session includes:
– A heart circle connection with ceremonial grade cacao
– Movement with our QiGong teacher Anny
– Exploration of our beautiful bodies with our Dance therapist Nana
– Finish by grounding with our Yoga therapist Suzy

Cost: $222 or $202 for FT Students/concession

Please book or enquire via or DM on Instagram @helical_healing

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