Earth Day Meditation Fundraiser

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Earth Day Meditation Fundraiser

Gathering consciously to recognize our connection to Mother Earth and our responsibility to care for this planet.


April 22nd is the United Nations Earth Day, an opportunity to gather for global action to more deeply connect to and care for our planet. The focus for 2018 Earth Day is to understand the Earth’s struggle with plastic pollution, and to learn ways to bring this pollution to an end.

In the beginning of the workshop we will collectively explore some information provided by the Earth Day Network, to learn the facts and impacts of plastics on our environment and our bodies. As well as exploring actions we can all personally make

to heal our planet.  We will then engage with some powerful Kundalini Yoga meditation practices to deepen our conscious connection with the earth, the sky and our hearts, in order to compassionately walk forward from the workshop to create positive change for our planet.

“The Universe is asking you to confirm with yourself whether you would like to serve the Earth, to save the Earth, be a sage of the Earth. Earth—the sustainer, the Mother of you, which nurtures you—can you nurture it back? That which serves you, can you serve it back?” 

-Yogi Bhajan


Details about event:

Donation Based Class: All donations will be given back to the UN Earth Day Network to fund their campaign to end plastic pollution.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring something from the earth to add to the alter


About the teachers:

Hannah Walker:

Hannah has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for the past 8 years with a focus on mantra and mediation. She has a personal experience of the healing power of group mediation and believes it can be a tool for saving our beautiful planet.

Luke Hickmott:

Luke has been practising Kundalini Yoga for the past 4 years and is passionate about how the practice is able to bring a potent and direct experience of the essential self. As a dance and drama teacher as well he is incredibly passionate about creativity, and enjoys how Kundalini Yoga works directly to stimulate and circulate creativity in the self.





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