Energy In Motion – 5 Day Hatha (with Qi Gong) Intensive With Joanna Nation 11th Jan – 15th Jan 2021

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Energy In Motion – 5 Day Hatha Intensive
Aspects from Qi Gong will be woven into the slow flow of a Hatha Yoga practice.
Emotional harmony will be refined through the use of acupressure points, movement of Qi and yoga postures that target the meridians and organs, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Over five days we will explore the five elements of TCM and come to understand our own emotional landscape.
We will cultivate the presence to work with our own energy in motion (e-motion) via a guided journey of breath, flow and pose (asana).
Members FREE
$100 5 Days Studio
$50 5 Days Virtual
$12-22 Casual Attendance
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