Heart Fire Alchemy ~ Kundalini Yoga Workshop with HarJiwan

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In Person Kundalini Event


Join HarJiwan, leading Spiritual Teacher and long time Kundalini Expert, for a very special event to ignite your inner fire and open the lotus of your Heart !

In this Kundalini Event together through powerful Kundalini Yoga, Transformative Kundalini Meditation, Dynamic Breath Work, Mantra, Chanting, and Venus Kriyas we’ll move the elements of Fire and Air to generate a powerful magical alchemy of Heart Opening BLISSSS !!!

It’s time to open your heart to the love you’ve always dreamed of !


Embark on an inner Journey of divine Transformation…

✔️ Embrace the Power and Grace of Kundalini Rising

✔️ Kindle the Flames of Inner Passion, Fire, and Self-Transformation

✔️ Fearless Heart Empowerment

✔️ Purify and Elevate Your Being

✔️ Unlock Courage

✔️ Heal trauma that may be long forgotten, trapped in your subconscious keeping you from the divine connection and love you deeply desire

✔️ Renew and Strengthen Your Nervous System

✔️ Achieve Balance in Your Glandular System

✔️ Activate the Power of Your Navel Point and Strengthen Your Core

✔️ Experience Breathwork-Induced Cellular Cleansing

✔️ Cultivate Self-Love, Self-Compassion, and Elevate Your Relationships

✔️ Revel in Pure Bliss, Joy, and Pulsating Aliveness

✔️ Engage in Transformational Meditations

✔️ Immerse Yourself in Deep Healing

✔️ Discover New Levels of Love

Open to Men and Women, Everyone Welcome !


Event includes –

❤️ Live in-person Kundalini Transmissions with HarJiwan; Dynamic Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Dancing, Breath Work, Mantra, Chanting, Singing, Deep Relaxation, Rhythm, Healing, Renewal.

❤️ Post Event One Hour Online Integration Session within HarJiwan Yoga Academy

❤️ 40 Day Kriya Online Instruction Video

❤️ Downloadable Handout



TIME: 11:00AM – 2:00PM

INVESTMENT: $98 online / $108 at door

20% EARLY BIRD discount offer until April 1st | Coupon code is – MELB20



ENQUIRES: HarJiwanYoga@gmail.com or call 0419 344 842

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga Mat (if you have one) and water to drink

Let go and experience powerful kundalini transmissions & technologies that will have you flying high !


Hear It From Others:

“Completely Transporting. Powerful and Blissful…'” – Miranda 

“Your Kundalini magic is incredible… the kundalini queen and your sessions have changed my world.” – Nadia

Transformative, soul shifting and profound – HarJiwan unlocks a new way of being and Kundalini re-tunes the consciousness. An extended session with HarJiwan tilts the very idea of yoga, healing and meditative states. Rather than being some form of abstract magic, she reveals the path as a conscious practical pursuit.”  –  Natalie 

“Doing the Heart Fire Alchemy integration meditation online offering has helped me find my center and maintain balance admist the surrounding drama, allowing me to observe rather than become entangled in it” – Tina 

“Have experienced so much energy and clarity ever since..” – Tiffany



HarJiwan studied directly at the feet of the Master of Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan and is a highly experienced, powerful and dynamic Kundalini Yoga and Transformational Teacher. One of Australia’s most experienced Yoga teachers, HarJiwan has been teaching and presenting nationally and internationally for over two decades.  She devoted her life from a young age in service to activating the deepest inspiration within all individuals and awakening their inherent powerful light into full awareness; to reach their highest potential in body, mind and spirit.


HarJiwan opened Australia’s first Kundalini Yoga studio in South Melbourne in 2002 after running a successful Pilates studio based at The Australian Ballet Center. Now based in Byron Bay for over 15 years, HarJiwan (Founderss of HarJiwanYoga and Creator of the WOW™ Vortex) teaches workshops, intensive trainings, and her highly specialized signature WOW™ online Mentorship programs globally.  She is a pioneer, spiritual teacher, healer, Kundalini Mentor, mother, pilates teacher and role model of the massive shift in consciousness that is happening on this planet. Also a certified educator in raw plant based nutrition she has a passion for sharing the power of plant based foods and super tonic herbalism.

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