Kundalini Yoga and Shamanism Deep Dive with Benji

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Journey into the potency of Kundalini Yoga & Core-shamanism with Benji – Teg Rajdeep Singh.

A three hour immersion of potent practices.

Sunday 9 July, 1-4pm.

Earlybird: $40

Concession: $50

Full price: $60



This workshop will be run in eight parts:

  1. Introduction and background
  2. Practical – breathwork, bhandas, key postures and correct mantra pronunciation
  3. Ten Body Reformat – ignite the bodies, clear the psyche and become a clear channel
  4. Integration – opportunity to deeply relax and ease the nervous system to allow for integration and shifts to take place.
  5. Journaling – feel into the experience and express it through written word or drawing
  6. Clearing and Priming – replenish with a pranayam-based meditation
  7. Journaling – an opportunity to capture any thoughts, feelings or messages that may have arisen
  8. Closing and sharing circle – participants have full permission to express themselves in this safe and non-judgemental space.


Beginners and all ages welcome. This immersion experience is tailored to all skill levels.

Please bring a journal and something to write and draw with. Please wear white and bring a water bottle.


About Benji:

Benji has participated in various ceremonies in Peru, Colombia, Bali and Australia with Shipibo shamans, Santo Daime and a Tabaquero (tobacco shaman) since 2012. Benji trained in ‘Core-Shamanism’ with Prof. Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies in 2015 and has since been offering Shamanic-Reiki treatments. He continues to facilitate with shamanic medicines in ceremonial settings.

He has completed Level 1 Aquarian Age Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (KRI) and has various other qualifications in community services, hypnotherapy and therapeutic crisis intervention training.

He intertwines lived experience while honouring traditional practices to create safe and transformative experiences.

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