Tarot is the art of listening to the signs and resonance that life brings to us. Rebecca Van Horssen uses the deck to listen and uncover the magic of life through two ritual Tarot readings.

Tarot is an ancient and powerful modality that is as magical as it is grounded in real, applicable wisdom and insight. The layers of meaning in a tarot reading run deep, as we connect with archetypes, spirit, symbolism, the collective energy of the tarot, and our individual intuitive guidance and spirit allies.

I see consulting the tarot as a way to have a really honest, deep talk with yourself. While it can predict outcomes and guide you on your life path, the way I read the cards is such that it is more a reflection of what needs to be seen within you and what needs to be learned, than it is a divinatory tool, with hard and fast predictions. Rebecca Van Horssen

13 Moon Ritual Tarot

13 Moons is a ritual tarot reading that takes you through the next 13 moon cycles – a card for each new and full moon for a year including the astrological sign they are transiting, looking into the growth and potential coming up over that time. There are also cards for each sabbath/season celebration ie. summer solstice, spring equinox etc., and a card for the environmental factors for each month. It is a deep weaving that offers a potent insight into what someone’s path and journey looks like, and where they will need to focus on to make the most of the energies, themes and opportunities for self-actualisation, self-knowing, and self-love.

While the tarot is usually seen as a divinatory tool, and in some ways it is, I practice with it in more a soul-centred way, which can be extremely empowering and liberating as it can help us see the patterns and paths to our best, evolved selves. It is also so much fun!

Time: 2 hours

Tarot Reading

In an hour long tarot reading, we can explore a few themes or areas of your choice, or simply see what the cards have to say for a particular time period or area of your life. We may weave in your birth chart, flower essences and herbs depending on what shows up to be seen and healed. This is a wonderful opportunity to find some clarity or guidance in an ancient and powerful modality.

Time: 1 hour

Our Tarot Reader

Rebecca Van Horssen

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13 Moon Tarot Reading: $220
Tarot Reading: $110

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