5 Animal Frolics – Qigong 5 Day Intensive with Rachel Hanrahan

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5 Animal Frolics – Qigong 5 Day Intensive

8 – 9am, 3 – 7 January – In Studio & Online


There are many different forms of Qi Gong that celebrate the energy of animals, and one of these is called the Five Animal Frolics. Since Qi Gong originated by observing nature and mirroring its movements, it only makes sense that animals are an important part of the ancient practice.  In Modern Qigong the Five Animal Frolics is one of the most popular forms.  It’s fun, helps you build strength and flexibility and its low impact.

For thousands of years, Taoist sages have looked at various creatures to understand their gifts and learn from their innate wisdom. Originally the five animal frolics developed as a shamanic practice during the Yao Dynasty (2300BC) legendary Qi Gong master Peng Zu created a Qi Gong style where practitioners  use the movements of of wild animals for healing. Then sometime around 200 AD, Chinese Medicine master Hua Tuo organised Peng’s movements. He distilled them into a specialised form based on five specific animals. Tiger, Bear, Deer, Monkey and Bird frolics which developed a legendary reputation of mythological proportions for health and wellbeing.

Join us for an intensive of Five Animal Frolics. The focused practice on energy helps develop your internal power that connects you to the essence of you and all of nature that helps bring emotional balance, mental clarity and a feeling of connection to universe. The forms build strength and balance whilst assisting with pain, tension and tightness in the body.


Book via our website! Intensives are priced at the cost of a regular class per session.

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