The Season of the Fire Element – Summer by Louisa Dalla Riva

Do you not see That you and I Are as the branches of one tree? With your rejoicing Comes my laughter; With your sadness Start my tears Love, Could life be otherwise With you and Me?           Tsu Yeh  Tsin dynasty, A.D. 265-316 Summer is finally here! We have survived the frosts of Winter and [...]

Shiatsu for Pregnancy: An Holistic Approach by Louisa Dalla-Riva

Shiatsu for Pregnancy: An Holistic Approach to Prenatal Care by Louisa Dalla-Riva Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The body undergoes continuous changes as it nurtures and develops an unborn child. One holistic approach to support these transformations is Shiatsu, a therapy that combines gentle touch, breathing, [...]

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