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The Essence of Qi: Understanding Chinese Medicine’s Vital Force By Dr. Nicola Loizou

In Chinese medicine, Qi (pronounced "chee") is considered a vital life force that flows through the body. Qi is essential to overall health and wellbeing according to Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory and something that is discussed often in treatments. However, Qi is an abstract concept that can be difficult to grasp. In this article, [...]

The Season of the Fire Element – Summer by Louisa Dalla Riva

Do you not see That you and I Are as the branches of one tree? With your rejoicing Comes my laughter; With your sadness Start my tears Love, Could life be otherwise With you and Me?           Tsu Yeh  Tsin dynasty, A.D. 265-316 Summer is finally here! We have survived the frosts of Winter and [...]

Chinese Medicine and Inflammation – Dr. Nicola Loizou

What Is Inflammation and How Can We Treat It With Chinese Medicine? Inflammation is our body's normal healing process in action. When we cut ourselves or catch a cold for example, the redness, heat and swelling that follows is triggered by the immune system to signal the start of repair mode. When inflammation sticks around [...]

Menopause: Nourishing the Spirit by Pip Atherstone-Reid

Menopause is an inevitable change for all women and can be portrayed as a negative experience with no upside. And there is no doubt, for many,  it comes with great discomfort and letting go, but the shift that happens can be a positive and liberating experience. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually we can move into a [...]

Chinese Year: Yin Water Rabbit by Leela Klein

Yin Water Rabbit Welcome to the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit! Last year’s Yang Water Tiger is slowly losing its bite, and the Rabbit is hopping in its place. The year of the Rabbit is all about expansion and growth, and this energy will grow as the rabbit matures throughout the year. It’s a [...]

Herbal Remedies for a Hangover, the Chinese Medicine Way

What is a hangover? Alcohol is a diuretic so most of the symptoms associated with overindulging are related to dehydration. Over time the alcohol we consume breaks down into acetaldehyde, which our bodies find toxic. It’s normal for your body to try to get rid of this toxin, hence nausea. In response to the toxins, [...]

Spring Health Tips from a TCM Practitioner

Daylight savings has begun and spring is in the air! In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of 🌿Liver & Gallbladder 🌿Wood element 🌿Growth & renewal 🌿Cleansing & detoxification Signs that your liver qi/ wood element may be out of balance include temporal headaches, irritability or anger, rib or hip pain, dry sore eyes, [...]

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Everything has a silver lining: My experience with COVID19 – Pip Atherstone-Reid

By Pip Atherstone-Reid, co-owner of Kundalini House. Everything has a silver lining and after nearly 2 years in and out of lockdowns and trying hard to not to get COVID19, I was a little stunned into silence as I looked at my phone: PHILIPPA, your COVID test on 25/11/2021 is POSITIVE… Hang on, this couldn’t [...]


DEALING WITH STRESS To say the least, it's been a stressful time and we have been feeling the effects that stress puts on our bodies. I have put together some of my favourite recommendations I give my clients to help support them in stressful times and prevent exhaustion. I hope you find them helpful too. [...]

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