Overcoming the Duality of the Mind: 5-Day Kundalini Yoga Intensive

DEVELOPING & MAINTAINING SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: OVERCOMING THE DUALITY OF THE MIND Begin 2019 by committing to a regular, sustainable practice with this 5 day Kundalini Yoga intensive. During this week, through the practice of Kriya, we will explore ways to overcome the duality of the mind that keeps us split from natures rhythms. In the [...]

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Kundalini Yoga for Healing Addictions with Onkartej Kaur

Kundalini Yoga for Healing Addictions 6-Week Course An addiction is a self-defeating habit that we feel absolutely enslaved by. It can manifest itself in many different physical, emotional and psychological forms. From substance abuse right through to obsessive thoughts and behaviours. One thing they all have in common though is that they mask a bigger [...]

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From Maya to Mastery with Onkartej

From Maya to Mastery Maya is the state of illusion where the unrefined mind limits our perception of reality. It is the state of existence experienced from attachments, expectations, programming and projections. It is what keeps us from realizing our Infinite capacity to transform, create and manifest our greatest desires. Break free from Maya and [...]

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Kundalini Yoga for Purifying the Self by Onkartej Kaur

Sat Nam radiant souls,   I'd love to share with you a Kriya (set of exercises designed for a specific purpose) for Purifying the Self.  This Kriya is beautifully energizing and helps to purify the mind and body of the stress and toxins that we accumulate through our internal and external environments.  If you are [...]

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Kundalini Yoga for Waking Up Series by Melissa Laing/Ravi Har Kaur

This is a lovely little kriya that Yogi Bhajan recommended we do every day-without even getting out of bed—to start your day, energised! You can begin with 30 seconds for each posture to work up to 2 minutes. Source: Sexuality and Spirituality, Guru Rattana, Ph.D, 1989 Yoga Technology Press Always begin by tuning in with [...]

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