According to Yogi Bhajan the Master of Kundalini Yoga and my teacher, we are now in the Age of Aquarius starting on 11-11-11.  Things have speeded up considerably in life and on mother earth since that date.  How can we deal with all that amazing energy?  I do mean everything is speeding up too.  Our thoughts, the demands on our time, everything.  How can we cope and keep our cool under such pressure?

First and foremost is SADHANA!!  What is Sadhana??  Sadhana is our own personal practice/discipline.  Most importantly it is done in the early morning hours between 4 and 7 AM ideally.  Or whenever you can manage a little time to allow yourself to recharge and prepare for the day ahead.  The ambrosial hours is best because it is so quiet and peaceful and you can really get into what ever your personal practice is without distruption. For me that is Yoga and Meditation for about 2 1/2 hours every morning.  It sets the tone for the day.  Making things flow more smoothly and I can deal with what ever comes my way.  Making life more liveable and comfortable for me and those I deal with in life every day.

Here are a few techniques you might like to try as a short little sadhana and see how it might change your life.  They are concentrating on De-Stressing you and giving you calm clarity in life:

Always open your practice with the Adi Mantra – Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo – meaning I bow to my inner wisdom.

Alternate nostril breathing.  Block your right nostril with your thumb and inhale left.  Exhale right.  Inhale right, exhale left.  Inhale left, exhale right, continue.  Always changing nostrils after the inhale.  Make the breath long slow and deep.  This will balance your entire being and give you clarity.

Stand up squarely on both feet which are hip width apart.  Arms are relaxed down by your sides.  Feel the body, straighten yourself and align your body perfectly to the best of your ability.  Then as you inhale start to move the arms up until the fingertips join above your head.  Hold there for a moment and then slowly exhale back down.  Continue doing this for a few times.  This helps to build and for you to feel your electromagnetic field around you.

Kriya to De-Stress Yourself

1.    Sit in easy pose with your left arm resting in your lap.  Right arm parallel to the floor in front of your body.  Palm down, elbow close to your side.  Inhale and lift the right arm from the elbow in a straight line to the fingertips up towards your face.  Exhale down.  Continue quickly to move the arm in a straight line up and down with the breath.  2 min. Now make a tight fist of your left hand and start to move the right arm up and down very fast for the last min.

2.    Still sitting with both arms out in front parallel to the floor from elbow to finger tips.  Elbows close to the sides.  Right palm faces up and left faces the ground.  Move both hands up and down as if bouncing two balls.  Continue 3 min.

3.    Still sitting in easy pose.  Place your hands at your heart centre with the right hand over the left.  Bend your neck bringing your left ear toward the left shoulder.  Straighten the neck and then bend your neck again bringing your right ear towards the right shoulder.  Continue leaning left and right with the breath.  Close your eyes and relax into the movement.  2 min.  Inhale and squeeze your entire body tight.  Do this 3 times.

Eight stroke breath for energy and stress release.

Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine.

Hands are in Gian Mudra with index tip and thumb tips touching on both hands.  Start to inhale in 8 equal strokes through the nose.  Exhale in one long stroke also through the nose.  Do this for up to 11 min.  Slowly breathe and concentrate on the breath as it enters and leaves the body.

Enjoy the practice and let me know how you  go.

Yours humbly

Gurujivan Kaur

Gurujivan Kaur teaches Kundalini Yoga at Kundalini House on Tuesdays from 9:30 – 10:45am.


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