This is a lovely little kriya that Yogi Bhajan recommended we do every day-without even getting out of bed—to start your day, energised! You can begin with 30 seconds for each posture to work up to 2 minutes.
Source: Sexuality and Spirituality, Guru Rattana, Ph.D, 1989 Yoga Technology Press
Always begin by tuning in with ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO x 3

  1. Stretch Pose with Breath of Fire (BOF)Lying on your back, with your arms and legs kept straight, raise your feet, head and hands 6” off the ground and hold with BOF. Your eyes should look at your big toes, and hands pointed towards your feet. If you can’t flatten your lower spine, place your fists underneath your buttocks for support.  This posture sets the navel, enabling you to move through your day with decisiveness.
  2. Nose to Knees with BOF.  Bend your knees and hug your knees with your arms, bringing your nose up to meet your knees. Hold with BOF. Combines Prana with Apana, the creative forces with the releasing force.
  3. Spinal Rock. In the same position, rock back and forth on your spine from neck to tailbone. Start gently, until you know your spine feels healthy—then throw all of your enthusiasm and playfulness into it! Distributes pranic energy and relaxes spine.
  4. Ego-Eradicator. Sit in Easy Pose and raise your arms to 60 degrees out to the sides, fingertips on pads of fingers, thumbs extended straight up and hold with BOF. Then deeply inhale and VERY SLOWLY raise arms until thumb tips touch overhead, stretch out the fingers and hands before allowing them to slowly drift down, sweeping the aura with the palms, collecting any darkness, negativity or sickness, and press and release it into the earth, to clean and energise the aura.
  5. To finish, feel light around you and meditate on that light.

After allowing the energy of this kriya to settle, I also like to practice Sat Kriya (a posture as well as a complete kriya in its own right).
Sat Kriya
Sitting on the heels in rock pose, interlace the fingers with the Jupiter (Index) fingers pointing straight up.
Cross the thumbs–females cross left over right and males cross right over left. Raise your arms straight up and rotate your upper arms inward so that they are hugging your ears. In this position you will chant the mantra “Sat Naam” in the following way:
Pull the navel point in as you chant “Sat!” Release the lock as you chant “Naam.”
Start with a minimum of 3 minutes, working up to 11 minutes.  I wouldn’t recommend any longer for your home practice, unless you have had quite a bit of experience with the transformative energy of Sat Kriya. I don’t have the space to go into more detail here, but there are some excellent tips available on various internet sites to help you master this posture/kriya.
To end your morning practice, chant SAT NAM, and then sit in the silence for a few minutes before moving into your day!
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