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Kundalini House at the International Domestic Violence and Health Conference

Kundalini House at the International Domestic Violence and Health Conference held in Melbourne   On November 20th and 21st Kundalini House was fortunate to partner up with the International Domestic Violence and Health Conference to provide support to participants, presenters and attendees at the conference. We were offering the Wellbeing Program, which included yoga, massage, singing bowls [...]

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Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 5: Ayurvedic Doshas Simplified

 AYURVEDIC DOSHAS SIMPLIFIED By Pip Atherstone-Reid Doshas are the force or energies that create the physical body and mind. They determine conditions of growth, aging, health and disease.  We are born with Doshas called Prikruti (our constitution) and then the Doshas that are aggravated by our lifestyle and diet; called Vikruti.  In selecting the right [...]

Yoni Steaming – really?

Yoni Steaming - really? by Dr. Leela Klein                 Yes, you did hear correctly – this is really about steaming your vagina, your yoni! Yoni steaming involves exposing the vagina to steam to cleanse it and enhance its health. The practice has recently made the news due to [...]

Playing the Gong

Playing the Gong - the experience of playing the divine instrument by the Gong Puja team, edited by Siri Daya   Just as everyone who is relaxing on a mat during a gong bath has a unique experience, gong players also report different feelings, emotions and sensations. However, without exception, we all love playing the [...]

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Three ways Yoga helps the Nervous System

Three ways Yoga helps the Nervous System by Pip Atherstone-Reid   ‘The nervous system is a network of cells and fibres, which transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body.’ Online Dictionary One of the ways Yoga helps the nervous system is through the balance and regulation of the ultaradian rhythms of the body. The [...]