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Bowen Open Day with Petra Reich

Bowen Open Day Petra Reich is offering a day of Free 20 minute Bowen sessions all Saturday morning! Muscle alignment, pain, tension and stress relief Have you ever wondered what Bowen Therapy feels like? Find out how it can benefit your individual body type and the type of muscular issue you would like to address. [...]

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Autumn Recharge with Bowen Therapy

What can Bowen do for you this Winter? Bowen can address pain relief, provide stress relief, improve immune function and increase energy levels. What is Bowen?   Bowen sessions are about relaxing on a massage table while your therapist addresses your specific needs, using deceptively gentle finger-tip pressure to powerfully activate precise combinations of muscle nerve and connective [...]

How Can Bowen Therapy Improve Your Sex Life?

In many ways! Ok, so the title is somewhat tongue in cheek. This article is intended as a light-hearted look at how Bowen Therapy, or indeed any of the therapies and classes at Kundalini House, can contribute to experiencing more satisfaction and fulfilment in what is, lets face it, one of life’s greatest delights. Sore [...]