What can Bowen do for you this Winter? Bowen can address pain relief, provide stress relief, improve immune function and increase energy levels.

bowen-therapyWhat is Bowen?   Bowen sessions are about relaxing on a massage table while your therapist addresses your specific needs, using deceptively gentle finger-tip pressure to powerfully activate precise combinations of muscle nerve and connective tissue.  Each activation is like hitting the restart button on that area of the body, causing it to recalibrate, correct muscle tension, realign the skeletal structure, loosen stuck tissue and clear out any accumulated debris.

exerciseExercise As a Bowen treatment sets in motion a cascade of responses within the body as it recalibrates itself, daily gentle exercise is required to assist the musculoskeletal system to realign itself and the lymphatic system to remove any wastes produced as part of the healing process.  Similarly, regular exercise is crucial to surviving winter.  It keeps the joints mobile, and the circulation effective, helping you keep warm, and it helps counter the low mood that can often accompany the change of season.  If the miserable weather discourages you from exercise outside then explore indoor options.  Dancing, swimming and yoga are all ways to get the heart rate up while staying out of the rain.

Rehydrate: It’s not uncommon for my Bowen clients to be slightly dehydrated.  Dryglass-of-water tissues are less effective.  Joints become less mobile and connective tissue fails to move smoothly causing adhesions and reducing circulation.  In addition, dry tissues in the respiratory system are much more susceptible to infection.  Bowen therapy improves circulation and primes the connective tissue to rehydrate, hence we encourage drinking more after a treatment.  It’s easy to forget about keeping hydrated in the winter, but our bodies are just as susceptible due to the dry air inside from heating and the often windy weather outside.  To combat this try drinking warm water or herbal tea if a glass of cold water isn’t appetising!

As we head towards winter give your body a head start!  Take advantage of our generous Autumn Glow Offer for new Bowen clients with our Saturday Bowen Therapist Elinor Bester.