In many ways!

Ok, so the title is somewhat tongue in cheek. This article is intended as a light-hearted look at how Bowen Therapy, or indeed any of the therapies and classes at Kundalini House, can contribute to experiencing more satisfaction and fulfilment in what is, lets face it, one of life’s greatest delights.

Sore hips, knees, back, headache??

Nagging physical discomfort is a sure-fire way to dampen enthusiasm for what is essentially a physical activity.  A Bowen Treatment realigns the musculoskeletal system, easing aches and pains and improving flexibility and range of movement. Bowen can alleviate common physical impediments to enjoying sex. 

Stressed?  Time Poor?

It seems counterintuitive to suggest adding another activity to the day to reduce feelings of stress and time poverty, however taking time out for a treatment such as Bowen will have just that effect. Bowen Therapy is physically restorative and deeply relaxing, eases stress and provides the opportunity to return to daily life refreshed and able to make more time for sex.

Out of connection with your body, not feeling good in yourself?

Again, sex is a physical activity, so good sex requires us to be connected to, and comfortable in, our physical selves.  A body treatment like Bowen Therapy is an opportunity to return to our bodies and feel at home there.  A common benefit of the treatment is the pleasure of learning to observe the body and its responses.  Feeling the sensations of the body unfolding, relaxing and healing is an undervalued but essential aspect of a treatment.  It allows one to come back to a feeling of wonder and respect for the marvellous machines our bodies are, and a deeper appreciation of all they are capable of, including great sex!

So next time you’re thinking your sex life could do with a boost, why not book a treatment or a yoga class at Kundalini House and enjoy the rewards!

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