Astrology with Gil Dwyer: Glimpsing the Future: Gemini New Moon and Capricorn Full Moon

By the 3rd of June the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are all in curious and flexible Gemini bringing an energetic tone where the changeable, curious mind expresses itself through friendly interactions with others and through endless questions. In the process they all form trines to Pluto adding depth, intensity and a possible focus on [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer: Ideals and Self Knowledge: Taurus New Moon and Sagittarius Full Moon

We are still feeling the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction from April which began a whole new 14 year cycle of conceptual leaps, potential solutions to intractable problems and future oriented insight, as well as the break-up of old stale patterns in our lives. May begins with the dynamic move of Mars into its own sign of Aries, [...]

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More on Mercury Retrograde: April 2024 | Alison Lasek

It’s eclipse season and if you’ve been feeling a little unsteady, you’re not alone. Many, many of us are exhausted (and experiencing a range of physical symptoms), have shadow or subconscious material coming to the surface to be processed, are in another wave of transition or metamorphosis, or are generally just feeling ungrounded or uncertain. [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer: Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Scorpio Full Moon

Unexpected Healing Potential: Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Scorpio Full Moon After a powerful month of endings, beginnings and the start of eclipse season, April includes an especially powerful solar eclipse as well as a once every 14 years coming together of Jupiter and Uranus to begin a whole new cycle. Mercury has been [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer: Equinox, Pisces New Moon & Libra Full Moon

Release unwanted Burdens & Embrace Change: Equinox, Pisces New Moon & Libra Full Moon March is an especially powerful month of endings and new beginnings, including powerful life changes for some. There is much forward momentum with all the planets gliding ahead throughout the month. Chiron is travelling close to the North Node and there’s [...]

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