We are still feeling the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction from April which began a whole new 14 year cycle of conceptual leaps, potential solutions to intractable problems and future oriented insight, as well as the break-up of old stale patterns in our lives. May begins with the dynamic move of Mars into its own sign of Aries, where our assertion is direct and where initiative, willpower and restlessness characterize the method of operation, linking with an intuitive grasp of the essentials. Pluto in turn stations to go retrograde on the third of May, prompting a reflection on issues of power and control and an appetite for purging deeply rooted trauma or habits and areas where we have allowed others to control us.

Meanwhile Neptune’s move into the final degree of the zodiac (30 degrees of Pisces) on the 4th of May is important, as it will remain at that precise degree until September. The Sabian Symbol for this position is A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling a Face is Idealized by a Boy who Takes it as his Ideal Of Greatness, and as He Grows Up, He Begins to Look Like it.  This speaks to the power of clearly visualised ideals to mould the life of the visualiser, while reminding of us of the importance of knowing what we want.

The Taurus New Super Moon occurs at 1:23 pm on the 8th of May at 19 degrees is symbolised as: A New Continent Rising out of the Ocean, describing the surge of new potentiality after the crisis.

The Taurus New Moon is a time when one feels secure in unchanging, predictable situations and comfortable with and more aware of all sensual stimulation. This New Moon highlights security and issues of stability and loyalty over time. And yet the presence of Uranus alongside Sun and Moon at this time brings in a need for unrestrained self-expression and an element of unpredictability. This is a good time to sense and move on from situations that no longer align with who and where we are, with Jupiter’s presence bringing in great sensitivity toward connection with a larger order.

Mercury, which has been in fiery Aries since the 10th of March, moves into Taurus on the 16th of May where a retentive, steady mind, based on the consolidation of ideas, brings ideas down to earth for practical application. The Sun then enters Gemini on the night of 20th of May where creative expression is directed towards perception, acquiring facts, asking questions and finding connections between ideas.

The Full Moon occurs at 11:53 pm on the 23rd of May at 3 degrees of Sagittarius. This zodiacal degree is symbolised as: Two Men Playing Chess and describes the transcendent reutilization of conflict and the especially important transmutation of natural aggressiveness, under most conditions of existence.  While we might be overwhelmed with ideas and information, the Sagittarian Full Moon spotlights freedom and expansion exploration, faith and optimism and assists with focusing our attention on long-term goals and higher principles rather than getting lost in a sea of detail. With Jupiter only minutes away from Venus, we can anticipate a particularly creative and artistic lunation. With Uranus close by expect, hopefully pleasant, surprises.

Venus moves into Gemini on the 24th of May where one is attracted to intelligence and quick wit and where changeable curiosity, talkativeness and friendliness colour one’s urge for pleasure. The very next day Jupiter, which has been in productive and sensuous Taurus since May 2023 progresses into Gemini. This is characterised by a need to develop intelligence and reasoning power in order to develop trust in oneself and in life and is underpinned by an urge to connect with a larger order that is rational and logical.