Unexpected Healing Potential: Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and Scorpio Full Moon

After a powerful month of endings, beginnings and the start of eclipse season, April includes an especially powerful solar eclipse as well as a once every 14 years coming together of Jupiter and Uranus to begin a whole new cycle.

Mercury has been in fiery Aries since the 10th of March indicating that a restless urge for action underlies energetic ways of speaking and creative use of skills. It goes retrograde on the 2nd of April and will be in Aries until mid-May, stationing direct on the 26th of April. Here restlessness easily flips into frustration and there’s a suggestion that the profound changes associated with the Aries eclipse will take some time to lead to outcomes. Be careful with your words, don’t jump to conclusions and remember to listen to others.

Venus moves into Aries on the 5th of April where the need to feel close to another can be thwarted by strong, self-assertive, demanding qualities posing challenges to intimacy.

The Aries New Moon which occurs at 4:21 am on the 9th of April at 20 degrees is a total solar eclipse. It is symbolised as: A Young Girl Feeding Birds in Winter with a theme of overcoming crises through compassion. Life potency in nature spirits reaches a higher level in the human being and the theme is the transmutation of life into love. The Aries New Moon is a time when there’s a need for self assertion in order to feel emotionally secure and right about oneself. This eclipse is exactly, and to the minute, conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer. It’s time to explore our leadership potential and to step into the pain one is trying to avoid in order to experience deep, profound healing. The Saros Series (8 North) of eclipses to which this eclipse belongs is known to bring inventiveness as well as flashes of genius.

The Sun then enters Taurus on the 20th of April where creative expression results in tangible objects or in gathered resources. The very next day and after building for some time to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction to begin a whole new 14 year cycle is exact on the 21st of April) contributing to conceptual leaps, potential solutions to intractable problems, surprises, growth and technological innovation and insight with a future oriented focus. The potential is there for significant innovation, especially in finance, agriculture, and the environment, with the future oriented sky planets meeting in the earthiest of signs. Take the opportunities that present at this time without being overly fixated on potential risk.

The Full Moon occurs at 9:48 am on the 24th of April at 5 degrees of Scorpio. This zodiacal degree is symbolised as: A Massive Rocky Shore Resists the Pounding of the Sea. This reminds us of the inertia of all institutionalised procedures. While there is both strength and stability here a communal life can become binding and resistant until new horizons beckon. The Scorpio Full Moon is a time when one feels nurtured when giving and/or receiving intense emotional energy. Such is the power of this Full Moon that Scorpio’s transformative ruler Pluto forms a square to both the Moon and Sun where inner contentment comes with the acceptance of the need to focus one’s emotions and willpower on remoulding one’s reaction patterns and eliminating old feelings and images. Pay attention to your deepest darkest feelings and thoughts at this time.