Astrology Report With Gillian Dwyer

Endings and Beginnings and the importance of maintaining Equilibrium In the middle of February there’s a bit of a dance going on between what is real and what’s a fantasy, as Venus in Capricorn variously interacts with the boundaries of Saturn and the vast ocean of possibilities of Neptune. As all the planets continue in [...]

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Astrology Report February 2019

Astrology Report Stepping into the Future with Great Ideas The first half of February will be an especially good period for initiating and progressing projects requiring new energy, with the New Moon as a particularly rich source of inspiration, ideas and forward thinking. A lot of planets are at home and in cardinal signs promoting [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer – 2019 Great Expectations: Security, structure and belonging

2019 Great Expectations: Security, structure and belonging Most of us begin a new year with hope of a better time to come and longing for a year that has fewer pitfalls than the preceding one. We may pine for less disasters and a more proactive approach to healing the planet and our human family. Perhaps [...]

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Astrology Report

Astrology News - December 2018 Coming Home, New Beginnings and Spiritual Connection to the Earth Many will be pleased that Mercury is now moving forward and will be experiencing less chaos with travel and communication. Mercury will be into new space by Christmas time. The North Node now in Cancer is inviting us to open [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

Culmination and Change – Empowering the Feminine and Freeing the Heart This column is being penned just before the electrifying Taurean Full Moon of 25th of October described in my previous column. This is a particularly unpredictable and potent (and potentially insightful) time with retrograde Venus less than a degree from the Sun directly opposite [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dywer

Value Yourself and Value Your Relationships Having moved into Aries in mid April, Chiron, the wounded healer, dipped back into Pisces on Thursday 27 September, where it will remain until February 2019. We have had a taste of the focus on healing the wounded ego, and particularly the wounded masculine, that Chiron in Aries will [...]

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Astrology report with Gillian Dwyer

Always look on the Bright Side of Life: Trust Yourself   The cosmic weather over the last few months has been intense and unrelenting, what with three especially powerful eclipses, and all those planets going backwards from earth’s perspective. The forecast period begins and ends with powerful cosmic influences to assist us with making positive [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

Slow Down You Move too Fast: A gentle and peaceful period   While the ripples of the three recent eclipses (two solar and one lunar) may continue for weeks or even months to come, the absence of eclipse activity for the rest of the year provides a palpable sense of relief. As we emerge from [...]

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Astrology report with Gillian Dwyer

One last eclipse - Twists and turns and living from the Heart Eclipses have long lasting effects, influencing us at a deep level while sometimes bringing sudden change before, during or after their physical manifestation. In the short term you may have experienced the total eclipse of the Moon on 28 July as some sort [...]

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Astrology Report with Gillian Dwyer

We are Stardust and We are Golden: The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century The Sun moves into Leo on Monday the 23rd of July putting a focus on fun and creative self expression. The Sun’s annual return to its own sign brings a sense of drama and generosity and a warm radiant [...]

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