Yoga Therapy & Chronic Illness – by Joanna Nation

Living with a chronic illness takes a toll on us physically, but also mentally and emotionally, affecting our ability to live life the way we want. Pain, poor sleep, inflammation, mental health challenges, loss of self and identity are some aspects to consider working with. Kundalini Yoga as a therapy offers tools and techniques to [...]

Why Talking Is the Key To Having Better Sex. And Where Do We Start? by Lee Beaton

One of the dilemmas of our modern way of living is the silencing of our emotions. Seeing them as inconvenient - we are encouraged to clamp down on our feelings, or even encouraged to see them as a problem.  What if I were to tell you that our emotions and our felt sense in the [...]

A Collaborative Care Model & Yoga Therapy – by Joanna Nation

If it takes a village to raise a baby, perhaps we can use the same train of thought to consider that it takes a team of health practitioners to assist one individual’s healing journey living with chronic illness. Below I discuss the concept and need for an integrative model of healthcare in our society, that [...]

Navigating Trauma and Healing: The Emotional Focused Therapy Approach – Lee Beaton

Our psychotherapist Lee Beaton delves into Emotional Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFiT), and explores how this innovative modality supports the processing of trauma by cultivating secure attachment in a therapeutic relationship.   Now that Christmas and the New Year are behind us, it’s time to focus on what another year holds. The holidays can sometimes [...]

The Power of Touch with MASSOGA® by Wallis Murphy-Munn

The Power of Touch “Touch...our primary language of compassion, and a primary means for spreading compassion..”~ Dacher Keltner The sense of touch is one of the most powerful yet underestimated tools of compassion that we all have access to. It’s the first language we learn at birth, and we use it without bias as a [...]

Menopause: Nourishing the Spirit by Pip Atherstone-Reid

Menopause is an inevitable change for all women and can be portrayed as a negative experience with no upside. And there is no doubt, for many,  it comes with great discomfort and letting go, but the shift that happens can be a positive and liberating experience. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually we can move into a [...]

Hormones, Inflammation and Fasting: The Female Experience by Chantal Cavanagh – Part 2

During Part 1 of this blog, I discussed how research is highlighting how the female hormones play a role in inflammation and pain. Throughout our lives as females, our hormones will change and pivot from one state to the next. Keeping them balanced and in an ideal range makes sense for so many aspects of [...]

Hormones, Inflammation and Fasting: the Female Experience by Chantal Cavanagh – Part 1

There has been so much talk regarding the benefits of fasting for weight loss and improved energy over the last few years that it seems a natural response to want to jump on board to reap these benefits! But did you also know that there are other incredible health promoting benefits to fasting that are [...]

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