Navigating Trauma and Healing: The Emotional Focused Therapy Approach – Lee Beaton

Our psychotherapist Lee Beaton delves into Emotional Focused Therapy for Individuals (EFiT), and explores how this innovative modality supports the processing of trauma by cultivating secure attachment in a therapeutic relationship.   Now that Christmas and the New Year are behind us, it’s time to focus on what another year holds. The holidays can sometimes [...]

The Essence of Qi: Understanding Chinese Medicine’s Vital Force By Dr. Nicola Loizou

In Chinese medicine, Qi (pronounced "chee") is considered a vital life force that flows through the body. Qi is essential to overall health and wellbeing according to Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory and something that is discussed often in treatments. However, Qi is an abstract concept that can be difficult to grasp. In this article, [...]

The Power of Touch with MASSOGA® by Wallis Murphy-Munn

The Power of Touch “Touch...our primary language of compassion, and a primary means for spreading compassion..”~ Dacher Keltner The sense of touch is one of the most powerful yet underestimated tools of compassion that we all have access to. It’s the first language we learn at birth, and we use it without bias as a [...]

Unravel the Knots in Your Relationship with Intensive Couples Therapy by Lee Beaton

You've likely heard the phrase, "marriage is work," and while it might sound cliché, there's a grain of truth to it. Every relationship has its highs and lows, its triumphs and trials. But what happens when the challenges seem to overshadow the joys, and every conversation spirals into a frustrating cycle of arguments? This is [...]

PTSD & Trauma Awareness

PTSD Awareness June 2023 June was PTSD awareness month and it shone the light on PTSD and it's impact on peoples lives. But what is PTSD and how can we help ourselves and the people we love who have experienced trauma and are still living with its impact? Kundalini House Counsellor and Psychotherapist Marisa Howard [...]

Tight neck & Shoulders? Try your own Trigger point therapy with Grace McGregor

Do you have tight neck and shoulders? Try Tigger Point Release Therapy in these 4 common muscle areas for instant relief. Neck pain is one of the most common conditions I treat in clinic, for both myotherapy and massage. It’s no surprise; our heads are heavy and we spend increasingly more time looking down at [...]

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Herbal Remedies for a Hangover, the Chinese Medicine Way

What is a hangover? Alcohol is a diuretic so most of the symptoms associated with overindulging are related to dehydration. Over time the alcohol we consume breaks down into acetaldehyde, which our bodies find toxic. It’s normal for your body to try to get rid of this toxin, hence nausea. In response to the toxins, [...]

Creating Personal Boundaries For You & Others

We recently called on the gracious Marisa Howard, Somatic Psychotherapist and Rehabilitation Counsellor at Kundalini House for some approaches to creating boundaries for self and others in a compassionate and embodied way. Boundaries take many forms, and can range from being strict and rigid to porous to almost non-existent. Healthy boundaries serve to make it [...]

How to Manage Allergies & Sinusitis this Spring

How to Manage Allergies & Sinusitis this Spring As the seasons change we have noticed an increased number of people coming into the clinic with sinusitis & allergies. Did you know seasonal allergies can be managed very effectively with herbal medicine, supplements or acupuncture? Taking antihistamines daily have been shown to cause lethargy, constipation, urinary [...]

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