Chocolate Yoga – Chakra Activation With Sjha’ra Taylor

Chocolate Yoga - Chakra Activation Ignite your Energy, through Cacao Ceremony, Kundalini Yoga & Dance!   “Chocolate Yoga is about diving deep inside and unleashing your own raw energy, so you can experience the bliss of who you really are… pure love… pure consciousness”. Experience the medicinal properties of ceremonial cacao moving through your body, [...]

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Kirtan with Sun Hyland

Join us for an evening of blissful kirtan inspired by the mantras of Kundalini Yoga and the Sikh tradition. Singing the mantras of Kundalini Yoga is a powerful way of accessing the healing power of sound and vibration. These mantras have a very powerful, crystal clear energy that is truly wonderful.   Let this wonderful [...]

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Harijiwan – Ancient Secrets Vol 1, Key To The Flow Of Life

A Kundalini Yoga Workshop weaving in the beautiful balance of dynamic powerful ancient movements designed to super charge your metabolism, increase your physical strength, activate longevity, immunology and increase your radiance before dropping deep into a meditative journey to experience  the power of sound and go past polarities. Six sounds from the Ancient Ones, that will attune [...]

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Enchant Yourself to Bliss

Enchant Yourself to Bliss with Nemo and Sim Amrit Yoga Nidra, Kirtan and Storytelling Experience Yoga Nidra, sleep-based meditation. Rejuvinate deeply. Relax and tune the instrument of your body. Singing becomes easy and the body is resonant when it is relaxed. Chanting, singing and storytelling are timeless, natural ways to enliven the human heart. We [...]

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