Mindful in May – FREE Daily Meditations

MINDFUL IN MAY Join us for FREE daily meditations, every weekday from Monday 9 May to Friday 20 May 2022. This is a wonderful opportunity for beginners to start meditating or to enhance your existing practice. Each session will be hosted by a Senior Kundalini House yoga and meditation teacher, presenting their own personal style [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer – Powerful New Beginnings at the Eclipsed Taurus New Moon

Powerful New Beginnings at the Eclipsed Taurus New Moon Venus and Mars are still travelling through Pisces and by the time of the New Moon Venus will have caught up with Jupiter, having passed by Neptune on the way. Initiative and willpower are still coloured by sensitivity and compassion for others. It’s time to go [...]

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‘The Golden Month’ – SPECIAL Prenatal Yoga Class and Traditional Chinese Medicine Information session

THE GOLDEN MONTH - Traditional Chinese Pre + Postpartum Care According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the four to six week period immediately following birth is known as the Golden Month.   The first 4-6 weeks postpartum are an intense but beautiful transition period for both the new mother and baby. This ‘Golden Month’ is considered [...]

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Childhood Trauma Recovery Program

Childhood Trauma Recovery Program A 14 week Kundalini Yoga course supporting people with Post Traumatic Stress This course is an evidence based course for people who have experienced stress or trauma in their younger years. Research shows that the body stores trauma in muscle tissue and the brain. The effects of stored trauma can include [...]

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