What are you cultivating with this new energy?

Often we are so focused on what we don’t want in life that it causes stress and does not allow the clarity to focus on what we would like to welcome into our life.

To experience clarity take the time to acknowledge what could change. Set aside time to meditate, ground or journal to create a clear focus you can to welcome a path that you would feel more supportive, inspiring and of purpose.

To set intentions, start by reflecting on what you want to achieve or focus on. Write them down and visualize yourself accomplishing them. Take small steps towards your intentions each day.

As a Melbournian we all welcome the coming of Spring. It brings warmth, light, change and a new energy. It is a great time to also reflect internally on what we would like to transform and cultivate within us and our life. Creating the space for that is sometimes a challenge with our hectic lifestyles.

Experience a transformation in our upcoming yoga workshop, “Re-Birth: Spring.” Our unconscious mind holds immense power, and this session is designed to help you release and clear old stories that may be holding you back. Through the transformative practices of Kundalini Yoga, the enchanting sounds of the Gong, and processes from Gestalt therapy, you’ll embark on a journey to reconnect with your true essence.

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various practices such as dancing, meditation, deepening your breath, and even singing. These practices will help you dive deep within yourself, allowing the release of old stories that no longer serve you. By letting go of these stories, you create space for new experiences and a fresh way of being. Spring is the season for this change and you can even feel it in the air as the change season approaches.

Leading this transformative session is Dharamjot, a seasoned practitioner with over 15 years of expertise in healing, yoga, and psychotherapy. Her wealth of knowledge and compassionate guidance will support you in releasing these old stories and embracing a new way of being, almost like a quantum shift.

Join us for “Re-Birth: Spring” and unlock the power of your unconscious mind. It’s time to let go of the past and embrace the joy of living in alignment with your authentic self.


Dharamjot Khalsa

Dharamjot Khalsa has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2005, has an Advanced Diploma of Gestalt Therapy (2008), is a Family Constellation facilitator,  Richards Trauma Process Practitioner, and a Certified WILDFIT Coach.