Powerful New Beginnings at the Eclipsed Taurus New Moon

Venus and Mars are still travelling through Pisces and by the time of the New Moon Venus will have caught up with Jupiter, having passed by Neptune on the way. Initiative and willpower are still coloured by sensitivity and compassion for others. It’s time to go with the spiritual flow. With most of the planets in either Pisces or Taurus the energy is predominantly yin, feminine and deeply creative.

Mercury moves into its home sign of Gemini on the 30th of April bringing high levels of nervous energy, clever and fluent communication and an urge for the immediate expression of one’s perceptions.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 6:28 am on the 1st of May at 11 degrees of Taurus which is characterised as A Woman Watering Flowers in Her Garden. This describes the development of the powers of the mind on which ego-consciousness is based. The keyword here is cultivation, in a sequence that refers to the overall situation related to the development of the ego. Taking time out to actually water plants or the garden may bring some wonderful realizations to your life. It is time to nurture and fertilize creativity while avoiding giving up on projects that are already in process.

Of course when the Full or New Moon occurs close to one of the nodes it forms an eclipse, in this case a partial solar eclipse that is not visible in Australia. Since December 2021 the North Node has been in Taurus, where it will remain until July 2023, bringing a whole new collective karma narrative with a focus on values, power, resources and money and especially on calling us back to earth. With the North Node going through earthy Taurus issues of food security and sustainability are ever more pertinent, especially as asteroid Ceres, mother of agriculture, joined up with the North Node at the start of this cycle.

Taurus takes us back to basics and routine and has a stubborn tendency to resist change. This is being challenged by journey of Uranus, the Great Awakener through Taurus (2018-2025) where it continues to bring changes in the way we conceive matter and material things (money, the body and the earth) as well as in our values. With the eclipse occurring at a point in the chart where Uranus has already traversed we have already had so many experiences that have taught us to be flexible. We have been prompted to acknowledge that there have been things that we have needed to shake-off and let go of. Our survival needs have already been tested and we may have developed a new value system.

Venus, ruler of Taurus and hence this eclipsed New Moon is merging with Jupiter at the New Moon bringing with it a yen for adventure and self-improvement to relationships and more open and expansive expression of love.

With Pluto stationing retrograde just hours before the New Moon it is forming a supportive sextile to the Jupiter-Venus conjunction. If you’re ready to welcome in beneficial changes to your life there is supportive and healing heart energy available to move you towards whatever you are being called towards.  With Saturn on the bendings of the lunar nodes we may be confronted with a choice in life direction associated with a vision for our future. Listen to your heart aided by the grounding and practical energy of Taurus!