Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 9: Ayurvedic Sun Foods, Ground Foods & Earth Foods

Ayurvedic Sun Foods, Ground Foods & Earth Foods by Pip Atherstone-Reid Another way of choosing your food is by considering where in the environment they grow.  Foods that grow more than 1 metre above the ground are considered Sun foods, they absorb the maximum energy from the sun.  And are considered very high, etheric foods.  [...]

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Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 8: The Nature of Food

The Nature of Food by Pip Atherstone-Reid   WARMING OR COOLING Different foods are considered warm or cooling to our systems in Traditional Medicines.  Warming and hot foods; warm the body and cooling and cold foods; cool the body.  Cool foods are generally harder to digest than warmer foods if not eaten in balance as [...]

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Vegetarian Diet: Staying Healthy and Well – Chapter 7: Digestive Fire

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine talk a lot about Digestive Fire and place a lot importance in eating foods and adopting habits that keep the stomach nice and warm.  What this means is keeping the function of the digestion working well.  Yang is function and what we eat, our lifestyle and unfortunately the aging process starts [...]

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A Chinese Medicine Approach To Stress & Emotional Health

Stress is an inevitable part of today’s modern lifestyle. Whether it is a result of work pressures, relationship problems, financial worries or other aspects of your life, one thing is clear – if it builds up excessively it affects both your emotional and physical well-being. How Stress Affects The Body Stress has long been the [...]

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Supporting yourSelf through detoxification

Like the rest of us, you probably feel a little bit sluggish and bloated after over-indulging through the Christmas/New Year period.  You might have stacked on a few kilos or you could be surviving on caffeine to get you through the day.  It might be time for a bit of a Detox to recharge the [...]

Food for the Brain – Omega 3 DHA

The Western diet has changed a lot in the last 20 to 50 years, not only with the choices we make about what to eat, but how the food is grown and manufactured. Increasingly our soils are being depleted of essential minerals and our food is heavily processed which robs it even more. The animals [...]

12 Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

By Pip Atherstone Reid Use Quality Ingredients: Eating fresh Vegetables and Meats regularly are important.  Locally grown, seasonal organic foods are the best.  Find fresh foods at your local farmers   market or order in a box of vegetables from your local market. Eat regularly: Irregular, erratic mealtimes and skipping meals disrupts digestion. Eat lightly: Overeating [...]