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Why a strong digestive system is essential to overall health – by Louisa Dalla Riva

Feeling BLOATED and TIRED with POOR APPETITE and LOOSE STOOLS? The way our bodies process food and water affects how much energy we can produce and how well all of our organ systems work, which in turn nourishes our body, mind, and soul. Chinese medicine views nourishment as reliant on two qualities: the capacity for [...]

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How are you sleeping? By Dr Nicola Loizou

How are you sleeping? This is something I like to ask to all of my patients. Sleep is such a huge determining factor to our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as daily energy levels. And if things in this area aren’t going as well as they could, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine  treatment may help [...]

Hormones, Inflammation and Fasting: The Female Experience by Chantal Cavanagh – Part 2

During Part 1 of this blog, I discussed how research is highlighting how the female hormones play a role in inflammation and pain. Throughout our lives as females, our hormones will change and pivot from one state to the next. Keeping them balanced and in an ideal range makes sense for so many aspects of [...]

Hormones, Inflammation and Fasting: the Female Experience by Chantal Cavanagh – Part 1

There has been so much talk regarding the benefits of fasting for weight loss and improved energy over the last few years that it seems a natural response to want to jump on board to reap these benefits! But did you also know that there are other incredible health promoting benefits to fasting that are [...]

Long Covid: Tips for Recovery by Leela Klein

Tips for Recovery for Long Covid with Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. I’ve recently been taking part in an online seminar with Chinese Medicine practitioners from all over the world to discuss the effects of Long Covid and its treatment with Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and herbs. We found that while Covid symptoms may pass quickly, some people [...]

Herbal Remedies for a Hangover, the Chinese Medicine Way

What is a hangover? Alcohol is a diuretic so most of the symptoms associated with overindulging are related to dehydration. Over time the alcohol we consume breaks down into acetaldehyde, which our bodies find toxic. It’s normal for your body to try to get rid of this toxin, hence nausea. In response to the toxins, [...]

How to Manage Allergies & Sinusitis this Spring

How to Manage Allergies & Sinusitis this Spring As the seasons change we have noticed an increased number of people coming into the clinic with sinusitis & allergies. Did you know seasonal allergies can be managed very effectively with herbal medicine, supplements or acupuncture? Taking antihistamines daily have been shown to cause lethargy, constipation, urinary [...]

Nourishing Foods for New Mums

Here at Kundalini House, we’ve asked our Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Naturopaths what they ate to replenish their energy and nourish their resources during pregnancy and after birthing. Here’s their recommendations: Eat warming, cooked foods rather than cold salads and raw foods Ask your family to arrange a ‘meal train’ so your loved ones can [...]

Fire Cider :: an ancient remedy by Rebecca Holly

Fire Cider is a simple, powerful, seasonal folk medicine that is made predominantly from ingredients you’ll already have in your kitchen. It is a multi-purpose and versatile remedy that can be used for a handful of different health issues, as a preventative medicine, or to improve health and wellbeing overall. Below you’ll find a recipe [...]

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