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Gong Bath with Dhyan Simran

Gong Bath With Dhyan Simran Come join us for a journey of purification, healing and transformation. The evening will begin with Kundalini Yoga, Breath Awareness and Meditation The perfect formula for deep relaxation and restoration. The Gong facilitates the moment of prana to heal the body. The sound of the Gong alone can promote a [...]

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Repair the Nervous System with iRest Yoga Nidra – 8 week course

iRest Yoga Nidra With Rachel Hanrahan - 8 Week Course   We live in a time of emphasis on production, consumption and over stimulation, this overwhelm can manifest as insomnia, tiredness, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. Fortunately, there are ancient paths walked before that share wisdom technologies that help restore our “True Nature” and well [...]

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5 Day Kundalini Yoga Summer Intensive Course – Creative Stamina Sun Energy

Creative Stamina - Sun Energy 5 Day Kundalini Yoga Summer Intensive Course   Within each of us is a balance of sun and moon, masculine and feminine. The feminine reflects the ever changing nature of existence; the masculine reflects the consistent bright sun that is always there, providing warmth and certainty to everyday. We can [...]

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5 Day Modern Qi Gong Intensive Course – Healing Sounds For Well-being

Healing Sounds for Well-being 5 Day Modern Qi Gong Intensive Course   Lets welcome 2020 with the high vibrational practice of sound and movement... Over five (5) mornings we will bring together the Qigong practices of gentle stretches, soft fluid movement, breath-work, toning and sound. The Six Healing Sounds practice is based on an ancient Chinese [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Love and Future Possibilities: Jupiter into Capricorn and the Gemini Full Moon   As Saturn draws ever closer to Pluto some five weeks away from their fated meeting, Jupiter, the planet of expansion will meet the contraction of Saturn’s sign of Capricorn from Tuesday the 3rd of December, contributing to the buildup of planets there. [...]

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