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Astrology With Gil Dwyer

Seeing Clearly and Healing: A Poweful Virgo Super New Moon   Issues of control remain high on the agenda with the retrograde journey of Mars in Aries (until mid-November) bringing us towards the second of a series of three squares with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These slower moving planets are all still in Capricorn and [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer July 2020

Keeping loving dreams alive within limits at the second Cancer New Moon   Saturn, the Lord of Karma, has been back in Capricorn since the 1st of July, joining Pluto, Jupiter, and Pallas Athene all doing the backwards shuffle in that sign, as structures and systems that no longer serve us crumble in order to [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer – Winter Solstice

A New Dream: The Cancerian New Moon, Annular Solar Eclipse and Winter Solstice Sensitive feminine energy abounds as Mars and Neptune come together in Pisces on the 13th of June, enabling some to benefit from tapping into infinite creative potential while others may experience confusion or a sense of loss. Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer

Loving Kindness and Awakening to New Possibilities at the Gemini New Moon   With the North Node rehoused earlier this month into Gemini and its opposite South Node repositioned in Sagittarius we are learning through diversity about new ways of understanding life. The North Node reflects our present evolutionary direction and the nodes stay in [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow at the Taurean New Moon With the Sun moving into Taurus on the 20th of April, just three days ahead of the Taurus New Moon, the fiery energy of Aries is toned down and the focus becomes more embodied, stable and productive. While we may [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer

The Wounded Masculine, Vulnerability and Inter-dependence: An Aries New Moon   There’s no denying that we are moving into new territory as we approach the astrological New Year. Indeed the world is in unchartered territory with the heavy karmic sense of the end of the Age of Pisces. This has been brought to our recent [...]

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Astrology With Gil Dwyer – A Visionary and Brillaint New Moon in Pisces

A Visionary and Brillaint New Moon in Pisces   Mars moves into Capricorn on the 16th of February and will move through this responsible and hard working sign, still occupied by Saturn and Pluto, until April Fool’s Day. While Mars was in Sagittarius our assertion and desire may have lacked endurance, but Mars is exalted [...]

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Astrology with Gil Dwyer

Planting Hope for the Future at the Sagittarius New Moon   The recent Taurean Full Moon certainly packed a punch, with the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all involved in a dance with Pluto around this event. Pluto, less than two months away from its fated meeting with Saturn, provided a potential release point for [...]

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