Perspective and Expansion: The Taurus New Moon and Sagittarian Full Moon

Mercury stations to turn direct on the 16th of May and is ready to go over new ground by the end of May when it ends its shadow period. Mercury in Taurus brings ideas down to earth for practical application and the retrograde focus has been on rethinking our sense of security and things in the material realm such as food, housing and our bodies.

Since May 2022 Jupiter has been in Aries where we seek to grow and experience trust in life through confident self assertive activity and a pioneering spirit. It moves into Taurus on the 17th of May where it will remain until the 27th of May 2024. With expansive Jupiter in Taurus trust in life is enhanced by communication with nature and productivity and reliability are on the agenda. With Taurus ruled by Venus there’s a highly developed sensuality and understanding of the basic human need for pleasure.

With Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node also in Taurus, the Moon and Sun join together for the New Moon at 29 degrees of Taurus at 1:53 am on the 20th of May. This degree of the zodiac is known as Two Cobblers Working at a Table which speaks to the two-fold character of mature human understanding. It reveals symbolically the way in which a mature individual mind works in attempting to gain true perspective through taking the opposite view into consideration. This is a foundation upon which to build a new approach to life, with the feet as a symbol of such understanding. At such a strongly Taurean New Moon the focus is on security, stability, harmonious relationships and what makes us happy. At this New Moon Mars, Neptune, and Pluto, are all forming close harmonious aspects to the luminaries suggesting that our idealism, inspiration, motivation, and drive will assist in underpinning any new and realistic plans hatched at the New Moon. With Mars opposing Pluto and both squaring Jupiter, there’s an urge to transform situations and remove obstacles through decisive, sometimes ruthless, action.

The Full Moon occurs at 1:41 pm on the 4th of June at the 14th degree of Sagittarius described as The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. This goes to the enduring power of the perfect knowledge of the archetypal principles and forms which underlie all manifestations of life on earth and the cosmos and these are deeply rooted in human consciousness. It reminds us that the power of spiritual ancestry is still available to meet the challenge of our current world crisis. The logical Gemini Sun is opposing the expansive, belief focused Sagittarian Moon. Expect itchy feet and an urge for adventure as we are being invited to be illuminated through finding a balance between logic and intuition. With Uranus and Mercury sharing space at this New Moon there’s a quickness of mind with independence and originality at work. Freedom is high on the agenda at this Full Moon.