Inspired New Beginnings at the Gemini New Moon

Mars moves into its home sign of Aries on the 25th of May where initiative, will-power and impatience are in full swing. This is followed by Venus also moving into a sign that it rules, when it enters sensual Taurus on the 30th of May. With slower moving Neptune in Pisces since 2012 and Saturn in Aquarius from late 2020 we will experience a three and a half week period when four planets are in their home signs. This contributes to a general feeling of comfort and creates a sense of ease and flow.

The recent eclipsed Full Moon in Scorpio involved a reality check, with Saturn squaring each of the luminaries. It also highlighted clearly favourable interactions with both Pluto and Neptune indicating that bigger energies were at play encouraging a sense of profound release and soul growth. By the time of the Gemini New Moon, Mercury, having retrograded right back into Taurus, will be within a degree of the Sun’s position at the time of the eclipse. This reinforces the themes associated with that powerful eclipse which are still with us and we are now able to fill in some of the details with the benefit of the deep contemplation afforded by retrograde Mercury in Taurus. There is an especially karmic feel to this New Moon reinforced by a square between Mercury and Saturn.  Breathe deeply, speak thoughtfully and perhaps channel the discipline and will power enabled by this contemplative signature into a meditation practice or something else to ground the nervous system and transform the mind. Retrograde Mercury is also supported by the power surge from Pluto and the creative dynamism of Neptune.

The Gemini New Moon occurs at 9:30 pm on the 30th of May at ten degrees of Gemini which is characterised as An Airplane Performing a Nosedive. This speaks to defying gravity and of the need for courage, control and a single focus. There is an imperative to take hold of the situation and face it with composure and confidence. Jupiter’s recent move into Aries is also encouraging us to be courageous and take a few calculated risks to achieve our desired goals. This promotes the energy needed to make a clean break with the past and suggests growth and improvement associated with confident assertive activity and new adventures.

Mars and Jupiter are very close to each other at the Gemini New Moon creating an incredible amount of courage, initiative and energy to fight for justice and worthwhile causes with conviction and focus. To balance any tendency to be over thinking things at this Gemini New Moon use the Mars Jupiter burst of energy to get your body moving. It’s a good time to start new projects which can be expected to take flight relatively easily.

Mercury stations to go direct on the 3rd of June, while Saturn goes retrograde the very next day and will continue on its backwards journey through Aquarius until late October. Hopefully the final make-up of the new Federal Parliament will be clarified by then or shortly afterwards. Once Mercury has gathered momentum we will be clearer about the bigger picture that is unfolding in what feels like a new world.